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Aqua, a Slime from the Slime Forest, falls in love with Taylor, a young man from the neighboring village. Determined to win his heart, Aqua takes the form of a human and visits Taylor. While she's in the village, Aqua also meets Taylor's childhood friend Alex and falls for her as well. Aqua has seven days to make Alex or Taylor hers. Will she win these Humans' hearts over, or will her slimey-ness work against her?

This game has two aspects: an action sequence with similar mechanics to the browser game agar.io and a dating sim sequence to romance Alex or Taylor. During the action sequence, Slime Points are earned to upgrade your abilities or to exchange for Gold to buy gifts. There are ten endings to unlock: four for both love interests as well as two neutral endings. The ending you earn is based on the choices you make throughout the game.

This game was originally created for IGMC 2015.

Latest Blog

v2.1.3 released!

A new version has been released to fix some of the bugs that the game still had. (Shout-out to Muffle for finding these!)
  • Fixed Ending Guide and Ending Hints room so that player can actually exit that room

  • Alex Ending 2 now fades the screen back in afterward

  • Taylor Ending 3 and 4 and Alex Ending 3 and 4 will now play separately


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Wow, I remember playing the first version of this game. I'm not exactly a fan of the graphic change, but I might give it a try later since it has extra content. I look forward to it since I enjoyed the first version.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! :D
Hmm, I tried it. I plan to review it once I get all the endings but right now I wanted to mention a few things.

First of all, there are a few problems - as in glitches - that I've noticed, and one of them is even game breaking.

The first one I'll mention is not that bad but looks kind of yucky on the screen, when you eat the red slimes (and only the red ones) they'll disappear but... you can see some of the clipped edges of the slime following you on the screen. This didn't bother me at first until it happened for the second time and I got distracted (damn adhd) and got eaten I:

Second glitch I'll mention which is game breaking. Not sure if it was on my end, but when I was getting Alex's 2nd ending it randomly just froze when Aqua said "You're starting to freak me out a little." Or whatever it was she said, and I had to restart. I was able to get the ending but when I asked to go to the bonus room the screen was black! I tried moving around and when I moved down it asked me if I wanted to start a new playthrough...

Funny thing is about the above, I got two of Taylor's endings no problem. No freeze. No black screen. Alex just hates me. When I got to the bonus room with Taylor, I kind of figured out which ending I got with Alex just by reading the hints. >.> It was... interesting.

I'm going to nitpick something as well: Before I got off because the gamebreak I tried to get Alex's first ending. But God she's so hard to get affection for! I'm not sure if this was on purpose, but it's a little ridiculous because I tried three times and got the same ending.

And about the slime mini game. It's a nice touch, just like the previous one. However, it can be kind of frustrating. It's not.. hard, it's just VERY tedious when you just start and way too easy to get eaten. I got trapped between two bigger slimes which frustrated me, and I got stuck behind one of the smaller slimes and got eaten because a big slime saw me and decided to have a meal - and I couldn't move. It was planned, I know it. They were in cahoots! I think because I had trouble with the minigame in the first few days is another reason I had trouble with Alex. I tried my best to get the bigger slime upgrade first so I could get a lot more SP by eating bigger slimes but I was still always short.

The whole idea of dating a slime is still kind of odd for me, but I'm glad I gave it a chance despite it being kind of weird in some situations. Since I played the original I can compare some stuff, I really like the added in Alex and gifts as well as the change in the intro. I saw an axe in the store and was like "Yay. I can buy him something he can kill me with :D" I didn't buy it. I: Yet.

Oh, and I suddenly remembered why I had a problem with this game in the original. Well, Taylor's ending in his room seems kind of rapey, and sort of triggers me. I know this was not an intention and I'm just easily triggered due to my past, but it's quite a problem when I want to enjoy a game and find myself slamming the enter key to skip the picture and the small talk before he grabs his axe because I'm uncomfortable. I:

I'm not going to rate it yet, because I want to give it a review it deserves and these bugs would be in the way for me and others. I'll probably get the other endings later, if you happen to fix the bugs I'll redownload it and play.

Oh and one more thing, it really annoyed me that you have to paythrough over and over for the bonus room to show every ending. I tried to cheat and pick to see Alex, and then Taylor on the same playthrough and it didn't stick I: It's a short game but with some of the frustrations in the mini game and having to skip over stuff I've seen is kind of annoying. You could say to just get the endings and don't worry about the ending list in the bonus end, I am OCD. Eh, I guess I'll just have to make myself play through it all I:

Note: I keep mistaking Alex and Taylor for each other, because Taylor has always been a girl name for me and Alex a boy name... when Taylor was talking about Alex I was like "Why the f--- you talking in third person." You don't have to change this because they're your characters and they are unisex names, but I've heard a lot more Taylor for girls and Alex for boys name than the opposite and so it was easy to get confused - for me.

I love the dark scenes triggered from Alex in the second ending

Edit: Another thing with the minigame. It might be that I'm bad at it, so feel free not to do any updates on the minigame, but one frustration is I'll be right on this small slimes a-- and I go to eat it and it turns and then gets away from me because I keep chasing it and running out of time! It's not as difficult when you get added time and speed, but the thing is it's really damn hard to get sp points in the beginning. Maybe I need to work on my skill but I retried certain days when I got eaten too soon just to make sure I got more than five I:
Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, I don't know about any fixes for that graphical glitch during the minigame. I'll see if the person who created the scripts I used have any fixes for that. I'll definitely take care of the other glitch ASAP!
As for restarting the game to get every ending, I've been thinking about a more efficient way to make it so every ending stays unlocked even after you start a new game. I'm pretty sure Yanfly has a script for that, so I'm gonna play around with that.
I'm also really sorry that Taylor's endings triggered you. That definitely was NOT the intention, and I'll make sure to be more mindful in my future games.
If others have trouble with the minigame, I'll make adjustments. But for now, I'll have it stay the same.
No problem! Thanks for taking the time to look over, I really enjoy the game I do.

Oh and I already know it was not intended. I've done so before with something I didn't even realize could trigger people, so it's alright. It's just good to be mindful about it ^^; I'm alright by the way.

The Minigame isn't hard... it's just frustrating. I'll also say it again, I might just be bad at it. :p

Oh about the names, I apologize if it came off that I think you should change their names. It was something I wanted to input, I like their names and I hope you didn't take that the wrong way.

EDIT: Is there any advice you can give me to help me get Alex's ending? xD I really like Alex...
Tbh the best advice I can give is to do well in the minigame :'D
The best way to win Alex's heart is to give her Slime Points.

EDIT: Unfortunately, with how I set up my events, Yanfly's New Game+ Script will be difficult to implement with the game, so players will just have to deal with going to the Bonus Room in order to save the endings they've achieved.
But I'm planning on adding an Endings Guide item to the next update, so that players will have ending hints on hand during their subsequent playthroughs.
I found another bug, and this one is worse than the others!! *gasp*!!

It looks like you forgot to reset everything on the new save, and by everything I mean the skills. I clicked new save by exiting the bonus room and when I went to the skill room to buy a skill for a measly 10SP I found there was none lying in wait for me. :( I'll have to feed on tiny slimes forever.

Oh, and I figured out I'm just bad at the game lol. I did it perfectly fine after a couple of the mini games and getting more used to it. I also got Alex's first ending and it was so cute! No spoilers, it's just cute.

The red slimes still glitch out a little, but if it's too hard to fix don't worry too much about it. It didn't glitch the first 3 or 4 mini games and then small parts of the edges glitched and stuck on my screen, it seems to mostly happen when I'm moving really fast (after getting the speed up skill) when I eat it.

Also not sure exactly what happened here because it happened way too fast and I don't even know what I did. After getting Taylor's second ending and looking at the ending guide (not by items, the heart in the bonus room) when I clicked esc to get out of it an error popped up which said something like "Could not find map 00" Or something, and shut me out. It didn't do this when I got Alex's ending and looked at it and I think I already saved over my bonus room save or I'd go back to Taylor's 2nd ending and see if it's only in that end somehow.

Anyways, if you can't figure out the one above I can try to trigger it again so you can more easily spot it but I'm really tired currently. I can't wait to play more! o:
Aw jeez, I really need to get into the habit of thoroughly testing my games xD Anyway, I'm pretty sure I can fix all the glitches you mentioned except for the graphical glitch for the red Slimes. Just need a day or two to thoroughly test through everything to make sure no new problems crop up xD
Yay! The update is released!!

Oh, don't worry I do the same thing and usually mine has waaaay more bugs so you're doing fine. And the slime glitch isn't too much of a problem unless you're OCD and want the game to be perfect, :P I'm going to redownload and play immediately!

(Getting Alex's 1st ending made me excited for the whole thing)

I made a lets play, there's a small glitch in the final room when I looked at the endings guide lol. It was a funny one. Anyways, I really enjoy the game so far, will probably make more lp episodes of it later.
Wow! The idea of this game is really cute!! ^_^ Not only that, the art-work and sprites as well! :D I'm loving the colorful design, really fits well with its' theme! :)

I'm going to give this a shot as well on my free-time! ;)
I made another lets play! I found another couple bugs haha. It regenerated some of my slime points in my new game which I kind of used even though it was a cheat. Oh also, it doesn't ask you to save at the bonus room which I would much appreciate. In case I want to stop at the ending without making a new game and having to save, you know? Got Taylor's first ending, thanks again for making a great game. I probably won't play any more until the bugs get fixed if you plan too. I mean they're not game breaking, but you know.

lets play 2
@Starmage thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!

@Muffle Thanks for doing another let's play! I'll be sure to fix those bugs up when I can
Got back to playing this, the ending guide sheet when I try to exit it just goes to the same sheet but with all of them ???. <.> You have to press f11 to get out of this as it breaks the entire game in a forever ending screen. It's weird.

EDIT: If I look at it from the menu it's fine, when exiting it fades black and you see the ??? sheet for a split second but then it goes to the playable screen. I'll just look at it this way instead of at the bonus room. XD

When I buy something randomly I get a bunch of SP outta nowhere. I get like 10, buy something, bam 130 SP XD
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