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Introducing: The Game

My Little Alpaca is a short RPG where you take on the role of Violet Speckle in an AMAZING quest to rid the local park of a most troublesome horse. This game is being created over a very short period of time, during an extreme case of writer's block. It is a short dungeon crawl with a couple secrets hidden within, as well as the ability to rename objects and other things in the game. It's the perfect game to play while you're waiting for something better to be published!

The Story

Tragedy has struck your local neighborhood! On a beautiful Someday morning, a rotten horse, protected by his equally rotten human guardian, has shown up in your local park. Not wanting to share the territory, the horse proceeds to chase out the other pets that have been brought to the park. It looks as though all is lost as the evil horse has gained control of a place so near and dear to the local neighborhood!

You are Violet Speckle, a magical alpaca, and leader of a herd in your local farm. You are approached by your friend, Goldiepie, on an otherwise uneventful morning. Filled with relentless determination, you set out on a quest to gather your allies and face down the evil horse who is terrorizing the local park. You along with Goldiepie, Scarcity, Flippershy and Raspberry Jam, will team up in a quest to rid the local park of this most foul beast. Will you be able to train yourselves up enough to handle such a difficult foe? Will peace ever be restored to the neighborhood?


A short dungeon crawler

The ability to rename some people, locations and objects

My amazing (not amazing) character dialogue

An EMOTIONAL JOURNEY about growth in a doomed world, terrorized by a devious horsie



A five member party of ALPACAS

A buncha music from a Sega Genesis game that I thought sounded nice

Probably a buncha stolen images


I'm sorry.

My Little Alpaca is kinda'-sorta'-not really a fan game of My Little Pony. Actually, it's not a fan game at all. It's me trying to earn an Alpaca badge, and this is what I could come up with. I am incredibly burned out and out of ideas. Please send help.

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Looks fun. I tried for ages to come up with something funny to say in response to the mock enthusiasm of the game page but I got nothing, haha.
Lol. Why thank you.

I hope this game gives you everything you could possibly want from a game about Alpacas.
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