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RMN, the final frontier. These ARE the voyages of the Starship Enterprise - in game form.

My continuing mission is to explore strange new genres, to seek out new heights and new customizations, to boldly go where no game has gone beforeā€¦

This will be a series of games that attempt to cut up videos of the episodes for the purpose of gamifying them, sprinkling clips into the gameplay. And also to create a game engine that follows Star Trek rules, then use it to make an original "spin off", if you will. All custom assets and characters in a Star Trek world. (ETA Stardate 41254.7)

It is unknown exactly what form this game will take as I'm making it all up as I go along, but I'm hoping it will be fun!

Latest Blog

Captain's Log - Stardate 4849.8

27.39 stardates per day
New Look

The game is sporting a new look. Custom sprites inspired by this. I'm happy with how it looks now. No more stubby RTP looking charsets.
They mesh way better with my hand drawn backgrounds.

I re-recorded the old video:

I would like to do something more like this, but it would be so much more work to animate.


There is the technique of shrinking an image, then enlarging it to make it all pixelated. It's something I've done for objects and decided to try it with backgrounds. First I have to find backgrounds and the best place is the show itself. The HD version on Netflix. Getting a full shot of background stuff is rare but I can stitch a little bit if the scene is not too crowded and there is movement.

From the Q/Ryker episode:

Then I shrink the image to fit the size of one game screen, 640x480:

Then I shrink that to a %, I think this was around 10, then enlarge back to 640x480 pixels. And we get the final product, ready for the game:

I want to be able to cut all the different layers of rocks and allow the player to walk between them all, but so far I'm doing very basic stuff. The smaller you shrink the image, the larger the pixels will be. At 10 it requires the characters to be enlarged by 200%. This means there is more room for gameplay.

At 15% shrinking, it requires the characters to be 400%. Showing them closer with more detail. Seeing this I had the thought of making their mouths move to audio. I had to try it and this was the first test.

I laughed at my success! Because it looks so cool and interesting, it's something new for me and uncommon in RM games. So I continued on, making a scene and refining the lip syncing as I make more lines. What I do is have Audacity open while I watch the show. Recording the audio and cutting them into pieces to use as sound effects in the engine. I mouth out the dialogue as I copy and paste the code for show pictures. Fairly tedious but worth it.

Here's what the code looks like:

After all that tedious work, and little changes that I had to apply dozens of times, I wanted to streamline the code. This was all coded to show pictures at specific number coordinates. So first I need that showing to variables for more control across other maps.

Now for the lines. Many of them will be used multiple times. So I should be able to call on them to show at any place in the game. This is a game changer. Once all the groundwork is laid down. Play sound effect, show pic 1, wait, show pic 2, wait, etc. I can use 2 variables to call any line, any where.

Since zoom level isn't variable so I have to decide if this kind of dialogue is for 400% zoom only. I don't like the idea of another copy of this code for 200%, and/or 100%. All dialogue for all characters will easily take 1000's of lines of code. I don't feel like mass editing one little number inside the show picture commands. I've done enough of that in the past. Streamline.

So after I systemized the existing lines and added a few more, I set them to be selected at random to see what would happen.

It's annoying how often the rng comes up the same. Oh well, it's not like I need this.


This will be the most common map of the ship so I should get started on it early.

Here is an image from the show:

Often times you have characters walking and talking. There needs to be room for at least 3 characters side by side, so I made the blue rug 3 tiles wide. There's a bit of space to the wall. Enough room for those poor extras you see in the show hugging the wall as the main actors walk by haha I've always thought about how those ensigns feel...

The distance between walls seems a little large, but if it's smaller what else is there to show on screen? It would be mostly black. I'll have to tweak sizes.

I'm still not sure if I want small fixed maps, or sprawling complex maps to explore. That would be great but small maps would make for an easier game to play. I suppose I should go with a mix of both.

Site-to-site Transport

I was thinking about how to get people off the ship. Well they have to teleport. Typically in a game you would just pick from a list of set places, but that's boring and not what it's like in the show. They can beam where ever they want, unless it's shielded. So this was my first attempt.

I'll have to sort out issues with teleporting on the same map, events resetting. We'll see how well this works out in the end.


This is something I've always wanted to try and do. It's a huge reason why I want to do a Star Trek game. I'm going to create a huge database of objects the player can call on, place, and interact with. Some of them will combo, in that when multiple are present it unlock new things you can do with them. Nothing too in depth. Maybe a small interaction or short extra dialogue. Give the player a reason to experiment.

Step 1 is to make the room and have a working door.

I haven't done any more work on this because it will be such a huge project, and mostly optional, that it requires a lot of focus. Right now I'm bouncing from idea to idea and seeing what I can actually do. Then later I'll figure out the details and how they will all fit together. All this stuff is mock ups pretty much. Very little going on behind the scenes. That stuff is tedious and requires knowledge of all the other moving pieces. That is something I've learned from many abandoned projects. If you start getting too in depth with something like equipment or skills, you end up creating something new later that completely changes how those elements should work. So rather than have to redo everything when I get a new puzzle piece, I create all the pieces first. Then dive into development hell. This is the fun part haha

My pace is slow, but steady. I'm always thinking of things to do. Slowly recording audio and taking screenshots of the show. Drawing some objects and backgrounds. Writing in the text database file. Work has gotten busy, I moved, other life stuff going on. The usual story.

*** Tell your friends! www.rpgmaker.net/g/startrek ***
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Cool. The CSS needs a minor adjustment though, because the text for the summary/images/blog etc. tabs are black and thus invisible.
This is why I have an Assistant Director. I can easily shift the blame! kentona provided me with a copy of the css for the Befuddled game page. I'll take some time to make some adjustments, to fix the problems and make it my own.
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