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Be sure to check out the new RPGMAKER2000/2003 Video Thread when you have a chance - I spent a lot of time putting this together and researching various ways of how to bring video playback in rpgmaker2000/2003 across all platforms. But I won't know how to fix a lot of the issues that come with using video in rpgmaker2000/2003, unless more people contribute to it and start turning their youtube videos and animations into mpg and avi files. So please check it out when you have the chance.

I've spoken to a few of people and unfortunately it sounds like there's currently an issue with Windows 10, where video playback in rpgmaker2000/2003 can only be played once, before everything in rpgmaker2000/2003 is shown as a blackscreen....I do not have access to a computer that has Windows 10 at the moment. So I need more people to try this out in order to confirm, any help is very much appreciated.