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2018's Punniest Game Alive Winner, shares history with Newgrounds flash movies and rpgmaker.

First of all,
I want to thank everyone who voted last year. This would not have been possible without you guys, this really meant a lot, Thank You!♥

...For awhile I've been lamenting whether or not I should write this follow up post. But after seeing this really cool tweet about FFvD* and the cool reception the new tech demo is getting. I thought I'd give some background info on my history and why I've stuck with rpgmaker for so long:

As I mentioned in this thread. I got my start playing stuff like MegaMan RPG and AOL vs. Final Fantasy on Newgrounds back in 2001. These games look kind of dumb now right? Well, to be honest, they always looked dumb. But back in 2000, with the success of the Final Fantasy series here in the west, for the longest time Macromedia Flash was the only thing a lot of us had access to when creating our own Final Fantasy games.

With that said however, I thought AOL vs Final Fantasy, was the coolest thing ever!! Since I didn't have FF9, I played this game like, a thousand times studying how this guy got this thing to work, cause at first glance it looked like this dude got so close to creating a living breathing Final Fantasy game in Flash!! It starts off with Cloud and Vincent - in aim chat gif format - facing off against one of those AIM Buddy Icons, before Vincent disconnects in the first round!

( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) any of this look familiar?)

...Anyways the game ends with Cloud performing an "OmniSlash" on the Aim Chat Buddy Icon, before a little Chocobo lands on his head asking the user to replay the movie - Yes, you heard that right folks, this little tech demo, wasn't actually a game but an interactive flash movie. But that was the reality back in 2000! We knew how to make these games look like Final Fantasy, we just didn't know how to program them - But a lot of people came close.

Final Fantasy Game Engine, FF A Flash RPG, Grayer's Quest RPG

In fact, if you follow the creator of AOL vs. Final Fantasy's other works. You'll see, he starts out using Flash, but over time, as he discovers rpgmaker2000, he starts putting rtp resources inside his flash movies, before he stops making flash movies entirely, - a couple of years later, the best Final Fantasy game I came across that was made in flash was Final Fantasy AA in 2006:

FFAA was a really cool parody web/game series created by the denizens of the 2ch community.

What was remarkable about this series, was how they finally got a fully functioning Final Fantasy battle system to work in Flash. - However, what was unique about this format, was the platform it was created for: web distribution. Because file size was still such a huge point of contention, back in 2000s, these guys had to figure out, how to create the shortest amount of "Final Fantasy" in the least amount of time.
So each episode consisted of: an animated cutscene / followed by a final fantasy battle / and then ending with another cutscene.

As a result, they created a new format, one that was short enough for episodic content and online platform distribution, but unique and compelling enough that it still reached the same emotional heights you'd find in traditional jrpgs - With FFAA, I thought, for sure this format was going to be one of the many futures of indie rpgs going forward.

...So once I came to GamingW in 2007, I was immediately taken aback, not only by, just how far behind we all were, but over what I saw: a community that was still at odds with itself, fighting over the future of rpgmaker games, before rpgmaker could even truly begin.

During 2000, in Flash and sites surrounding Newgrounds we had guys like Nelson Hurst on FlashKit.com, the creator of Genryu's blade, he made a short flash animated movie, that was so good and seen all over the world on the internet, that it premiered on TV in the states on ShowTime. Adobe contacted him immediately and asked if they could license the .fla file for research and development to help make flash more animator friendly.

Genryu's Blade(2000)

This changed the way, not only how future animators approached flash, but changed the accessibility of digital animation and animation overall, forever - When you go to animation festivals now, and ask new students what inspires them, it's not disney or pixar, it's a cartoon they've seen on Newgrounds or an animated short they saw youtube by one guy that made it big that inspires them.

...But with rpgmaker, it's an entirely different story - I've been here since 2007 and I've seen a lot of things, but there's one thing I can say with absolute certainty: Our community is so incredibly small, that whatever feud you may have against some rpgmaker game developer, or how their game somehow got popular on youtube, tumblr, reddit or some other social media distribution site, is not worth fighting over - rpgmaker still has something to prove.

With rpgmaker 2000 and 2003, finally available in English, legally, we now have a tool that can make games like Final Fantasy and more for commercial distribution.

I've waited years, for a program like this, but it feels like not only are we still fighting with each other at times, but we're constantly playing catch up with the rest of the world - Please don't squander this opportunity.

If you need to, become a better writer, learn how to draw, take an art course, take up programming, start a band (Yes, there's actually a great set of soft skills and leadership skills in there too!) - do anything and everything you can get your hands on, so your game can stand out, just a little bit more while approaching these programs, because it all matters when you're making these games. RPGMAKER won't make your game for you, there are shortcuts, but you still need to know these fundamental, principle things - It all matters!

But most importantly, we can't afford to fight with each other.
We have so many hours and so many years ahead of us, to make these great games with. We can't afford to waste them.

Now is the best time to be an rpgmaker!

Thank You! Everyone♥♥♥



(*if there's anyone in the comments, who can speak japanese that can help translate the twitter retweet, please let me know - google translate is not cutting it here, I've tried for hours to translate this thing and it still doesn't make sense. :( )


Please Remember!!!

..Thanks for directing orochii to that video thread by the way, Blindmind, it means a lot ♥.
I wanted to respond and rename that thread so more people can find it, but I just I don't have the time right now.
It's why I haven't responded to my messages. :(

But yeah, I miss being here. There's a lot of really cool, new stuff, that's happening.
I wish I could be apart of it.


EDIT: Nightblade's Demon Legacy remake Eldritch Law was featured on Siliconria back in March of this year, really cool stuff!


100 Downloads? (T⌓T) Thank You...

EDIT: Kaempfer and a few others, awhile ago asked what was going on. For those who haven't heard already,
I thought I'd do a video about it, just as a way to say thank you.

TLDR - life has gotten in the way, it sucks. worst case scenario, I may not be able to return to RMN - I really have no idea how long this is gonna take or things will ever settle down here and it really sucks. So I'm taking this opportunity to say Thank You now, while I still have the chance:

Thank You!❤

Out of all the games I've made available on RMN, I didn't expect this one to get this many downloads.
Especially since, unlike the other games, which were just "visual studies" for rpgmaker2003,
I actually had to sit down and really think about how to make this work in rpgmaker2003.
This game may seem like a throwaway joke on the surface, but a lot of work actually went into this:
Cecil's DarkWave took about a week to get right, Kain's Jump took about a week and a half.
Rydia's Summon took about 3 weeks*
(*Rydia's Summon looks like one animation, it's not, it's actually two inflict conditions on Kain and Rydia + Show Battle Animation for the Titan)
So it really means a lot, that more than 100 of you were willing to check this out. Thank You!❤

If you liked Final Fantasy vs. Dog, be sure to Nominate it for the 2018 Misao awards.

There's actually a lot of good games this year, like:
Eldritch Law,
Rise of the Third Power
She Dreams Elsewhere
I Want to Bring Her Back to Life but I Don't Know Where to Start -**
(**very cool trailer, creator's enthusiasm towards craft is infectious, look out for this one)

...You don't have to Nominate FFvD, but if you do I'll be eternally grateful. ❤
(It will mean a lot to me, especially with what's going on right now...)

Special Thanks to:
Aten (R.I.P)
...and anyone else, I forgot to mention that I had the pleasure of meeting on RMN.

Please keep doing what you love, guys ❤.

UPDATE: Also be sure to check out the new RPGMAKER2000/2003 Video Thread when you have a chance - I spent a lot of time putting this together and researching various ways of how to bring video playback in rpgmaker2000/2003 across all platforms. But I won't know how to fix a lot of the issues that come with using video in rpgmaker2000/2003, unless more people contribute to it and start turning their youtube videos and animations into mpg and avi files. So please check it out when you have the chance.

I've spoken to a few of people and unfortunately it sounds like there's currently an issue with Windows 10, where video playback in rpgmaker2000/2003 can only be played once, before everything in rpgmaker2000/2003 is shown as a blackscreen....I do not have access to a computer that has Windows 10 at the moment. So, I need more people to try playing video in rpgmaker2000/2003 on Windows 8 - 10 in order to confirm, any help is very much appreciated.


Malware Rpgmaker Games on itch.io?

...As I stated in the archive thread, this is probably gonna be the last thread I'm going to be posting for awhile, (I'll be back soon. hopefully.) - Now, I try not to post blogs much on RMN, but something really weird happened on Tuesday and after talking it over with a few members on pixelhorror discord, I thought I'd mention it here as well, just so that you guys know, this does actually happen:

Supposedly, someone on itch.io is uploading certain rpgmaker games as 11MB malware - Elegy Eve, Demon Legacy and Final Fantasy vs. Dog included:

(link to malware itch.io account via webarchive)
(link to Final Fantasy vs. Dog malware page on itch.io via webarchive)

...I already uploaded Final Fantasy vs. Dog onto itch.io about, a month ago, so reporting the malware game to the staff, was pretty easy to do.
(Update: that was really fast! thanks itch.io! ❤)

But yeah, lesson learned, guys be careful where you post your game sometimes, they won't be as accommodating here as they are in places like RMN.

I think what happened was, this originally started off as just a really bad joke on imgur, which I totally get:

"I am downloading this and will report back if my computer is suddenly filled with viruses."
"...Guys he hasn't reported back, is that a good sign.. or a bad? Is his PC so Virus-infected, that he can't report back?!"
"He is gone. There is only Technovore. Technovore says game is safe to play."

...But then, somehow, someone thought it'd be really funny if the game WAS actual malware and it just sort of spiralled out of control from there.

So yeah, again, just be careful where you post your game sometimes guys, etc.

(EDIT: to reiterate, the current download for FFD is 83MB, anything currently lower than that, should be considered suspicious)

In other news: hedge1 recently made a small update to sprite sheet creator to make compiling animated images for rpgmaker2003 a whole lot easier. Now when entering a number for the horizontal output, you can just press "Perfect Fit" and it will find the largest integer for the horizontal value so that sprite sheet creator will leave no blank spaces on the spritesheet, so you can instantly create animated sprite sheets that loop in rpgmaker2003!

I was so excited about this news, that the following night, I had a weird dream where someone recreated the final battle in Secret of Mana in rpgmaker2003, but instead of fighting the Mana Beast, you were fighting some sort of Cat Meme:

(...I actually dreamed this the other night! True Story!)

As I've mentioned numerous times before, Final Fantasy vs. Dog would've taken months to complete without sprite sheet creator - It was 5 in the morning, I had access to Flash, PaintShopPro, MSPaint and QuickTime 7. Sprite Sheet Creator was the only program that allowed me quickly create an animated sprite sheet for use in rpgmaker2003, in less than 5 seconds - It is an invaluable program, I cannot recommend it enough, it's a real time saver. So be sure to check out Sprite Sheet Creator when you have the chance, and thank hedge1 for all his hardwork.
(here's the brief tutorial on how I used it for Final Fantasy vs Dog )

Archive News: ...Last but not least, in the mean time, while I'm away, if you can, please try to keep your eyes peeled on outside community developments. CentroRPG and CondaBraveHeart, both recently went through a forum overhaul of sorts, which means, until things settle down, you'll actually have to register with CondaBraveHeart or CentroRPG in order to access their database of old rpgmaker games and CentroRPG/Vash's collection has quite a few of them.

At the moment I'm going to be trying to fix this behind the scenes, by periodically downloading what they have available on the forums and eventually make it available here.

But yeah, just do what you can in the mean time, etc. Keep your ears and eyes open, about the community -any little bit helps- and hopefully I'll be back soon.

Thank You guys, for all your continued hard work!
You're the best!❤


Download Available.

(posting this here incase you guys come across any additional bugs)

Other than the Summon Animation, I mentioned in the blog. This tech demo is pretty much complete.

Later on, I'm going to throw together a quick tutorial explaining how I used hedge1's sprite sheet creator to make this game with. I really want to people to know what I know about cherry's new feature, picture-in-battles-feature so they can use this new feature very easily and very quickly. It's going to be really really crazy to see what games you guys come up with.
Known Bugs:
Jump/Attack/Bug - if you select and deselect Attack then Select Jump.
Dog Doesn't Attack Rydia - Dog might not attack Rydia during Cutscene.
Dog Summons more than 2 times - if Dog, summons more than 2 times in a row between turns, without a pause (and it's not the cutscene) let me know.

If you're having trouble beating the Boss, follow this walkthrough: (it's not the best way to beat him, it's just the easiest way to see the ending)

How to Beat Final Fantasy Dog Tech Demo

1.Once Kain joins the Party, continue to use DarkWave and Jump.
2. On Cecil’s 3rd Turn/Before using DaveWave for the 3rd time, Use a Hi-Potion to heal Cecil and have Kain Jump.
3. With Cecil fully healed and Kain in the air, use DarkWave.
4. The Dog will enter LimitBreak Mode and use the Dog Attack Summon, while Kain is in the air.
5. When Kain Lands, use a Hi-Potion to Heal Cecil.
6. At this point, all you need to do is keep everyone’s HP above 100 and have Kain jump 2-3 more times and have Cecil use Dave Wave, to trigger the cutscene that will end the Battle. – if you have one potion left, use it on Kain.

Thanks for Playing guys.


The Missing Animation:

I wanted to throw this up for reference, before throwing together the quick tutorial and uploading the demo:

One of the things I wanted to do, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to get to
was to transpose a ff7 summoning animation into rpgmaker2003, like the animated gif below:

(So like this, but imagine the Dog summoning materia, instead)

The problem is rpgmaker2003 has a hard limit of 8 instances for battle animations.
So for each frame, there’s a maximum of about 8 symbol/kanji sprites that will fly into the Dog
before he disappears for the summon - but there’s also the green/blue animation, happening around Cloud’s feet at the same time, as well.

I'd really like to try and figure out how to do this, because seeing this in rpgmaker2003, I think would make for a better joke,

...But yeah, I’m kind of burnt out on this project at this point - But at some point, I'd like to return later and figure out how to solve this eventually.

So yeah, whenever you hear the summoning soundeffect from FF7 in the demo (and you're probably going to hear it a lot...) this is the animation that's suppose to be playing during it.

Expect the download for the tech demo soon.
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