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The Rise of the Alpaca

  • pianotm
  • 01/20/2018 03:43 AM
This game was made for CFN's second itch.io game jam. Unfortunately, it had a bug I couldn't fix. For some reason, I couldn't keep the character from getting stuck on corners. A let's player complained that you couldn't change the direction of a jump while in the air and then pointed out other similar platformers such as Mario that handled jumping a bit more liberally. So, while working on fixing the problem with sticking on corners, I decided that I could, in the meantime, un-restrict jumping motion, since it meant only removing two lines of code.

if (!grounded)

So, I removed the restriction on jumping, and voila, he no longer get's stuck on the corners. It turns out that if you can move in the air, you can just unstick yourself. Wow.

Thomas gets shot

Anyhoo, Alpaca Moon has risen and the game's official RMN download is up! My first Unity game ever to be completed is up and ready to be thrashed--erm--I mean, enjoyed by my adoring fans!