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My Redbubble

This is my Redbubble for anyone who's interested in buying some merch of EMPTY HEAD


Fixed minor issues

- Fixed a bug where Sarah took too much time standing up before leaving the table.
- Fixed a face set.
- Fixed a bug where Arold sometimes got stuck while investigating Cristopher's stuff. (Thanks to FlareBlitzed)
- Fixed few dialogues

UPDATE: We finally reached 1000 total downloads! Thank you so much ♥


EMPTY HEAD - Full release

Hi guys! I can finally announce the release of EMPTY HEAD. Feel free to contact me if you find any bug or grammar error ♥



English Translation = 60% (A big thank you to Muffle ;;)
I'm also working on a new game and I'll make a page when I have enough stuff to show you!


EMPTY HEAD is finally here in Italian!

Hello guys! As you can see, the Italian version is finally out~
I'm going to work on the English version as soon as possible ♥

Progress Report

Little Update #2

- The game’s development is towards its completion, but the final product still needs a couple things such as cutscenes, an ending, and the bonus room with all the fan arts I’ve received. Thanks for your support ♥

- I’m having the opportunity to work with a new composer. You can find his SoundCloud here!

- I'm going to release EMPTY HEAD in Italian and then work on the English translation and try to release it as soon as possible!

Progress Report

Game Progress

Setting / Concept - 100%
Plot - 100%
Maps - 75%
CG - 100%
Sprites - 100%
Music - TL;DR 70%
Program Part - 60%
Parallax/Drawings etc. - 60%


Your EMPTY HEAD’s Fan Art in the game

Hello guys~ I was thinking to give you an opportunity to do a fan art of EMPTY HEAD and put it in an actual special room (something like .Ib’s secret room). If you would like to participate, you can send me a PM or an email to my address: cutiesbae2212@gmail.com. Here’s the rules:

1. There can be only one fan art for user
2. I will credit every user
3. Nudity or pornography is not accepted. Soft gore and blood is accepted if stays on topic with game’s theme
4. Spin-off fan arts are also fine.

Let me know in the comments if you guys want to see more references of the characters and I will send you a PM about them

Progress Report

A little preview

A little preview of the face set~

Progress Report

Update + Tumblr Page

Hi guys! I hope you are doing well~. EMPTY HEAD is still in development, but everything is going smoothly. I wanted to thank you for your support, sometimes I feel so much stress that I'm not even able to work. You can also follow me on my new Tumblr :3
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