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There is only one kingdom in this world, and you have been exiled from it. With dangerous creatures lurking every corner, living in the wild is unspoken of.

Against all odds, and thanks to the grace of manastones, a community of banished survivors has formed a settlement. With their days seemingly counted, they've welcomed you as their latest champion, their hope, their manafinder. But seeking manastones is no ordinary task, for it is often a finder's demise either on the search itself, or by the hands of their natural guardians; powerful creatures who have grown attached to the energy emitted by these magical stones.

Between increasingly tense relations among the last remaining manafinders, and the difficulty of the job itself, surviving is slowly becoming a distant dream. In this time of crisis, will you be the heroine the settlement desperately needs?

  • A story about hope and survival, drama and intrigue, fantasy and morality, set in the world of Aevi, full of ferocious beasts and vastly untapped by man
  • Traditional turn-based RPG with a dose of new mechanics
  • Use different weapons during combat in order to exploit enemy weaknesses
  • Imbue yourself with the power of elemental ores to further exploit weaknesses, but beware of becoming vulnerable yourself
  • Unleash your inner power in combat through devastating weapon skills
  • Collect manastones, harvest healing plants, and mine elemental ores as you explore the diverse fantasy environments in the world of Aevi
  • Custom Art, Music, and SFX (No RTP)
  • Blessings: Accept the grace of the gods and choose new skills or traits as you level up
  • Scar, the loyal dog, joins you and has configurable AI (Follow Stance, Offensive Stance, Defensive Stance)
  • Meaningful side quests that dive deeper into the lives of the people of the settlement
  • English and Spanish language support (and framework ready for other languages)

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E-Mail: manafinder@gmail.com

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tired of toothy mimics. i want a mimic to just fucking deck me
Those are some wicked looking screenshots. Fantastic pixel art, mate!
Those are some wicked looking screenshots. Fantastic pixel art, mate!

Thanks a lot! :D
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