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It is a time of great strife as the world churns, divided by endless war and mysterious beings beyond mortal comprehension lie in the shadows, acting with unknown purpose.

A lone exile rose to defy these machinations, but his actions wrought more than he expected.

Three millennia pass. The actions of the lone exile, and the truth of creation are lost to all but one; a conscripted soldier who is forced into a life of battle, and consequently; becomes intertwined in a struggle for the fabric of the existence itself.

Eldritch Law is an RPG aiming to capture the elusive spirit of the classical jRPG while adding in some modern fixes to the formula.

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Download added

Hey there, and thanks for taking a look at the page.

For everyone's convenience, I've added a download to the main page here.

It still needs a little sprucing up, but have a look at my Patreon Page if you like what you say here:


It would give me no greater joy than to make games for a living, but for now; I'll get by with small cash donations.
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  • 01/15/2018 08:15 AM
  • 01/24/2022 08:42 AM
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I just finished playing the Eldritch Law demo that was available on the patreon a few days ago.

Easily, one of the most promising demos of 2018 so far!

Looking forward to more, Nightblade! ❤
Looking forward to seeing the progress for this. Your old work included some of my favorite 2k3 games.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
The last bastion of good RM games. God bless child of light.
Thanks for all the kind words. By the way, for anyone looking at this feel free to chime in with your thoughts, even if they're negative, or even "toxic".
The pixel art is gooorrgeeeooouusss! The demo was really fun - I'll buy this if it's released commercially. :)
I finished it. There isn't enough content to merit a review, but here's some quick feedback:

Good: It's overall well done. The combat is well done, although it seems fairly easy to spam Reave and Metatron Flare. I'm curious to see how multiple party members will change the dynamic. The music is excellent (the credits theme was especially enjoyable). The graphics are overall quite nice, although the battlebacks are in a different resolution which is not so good, and I noticed some weird graphical errors while playing. Could be my computer.

Bad: It's very short. Like, it's just an intro demo so that's to be forgiven, but don't expect much in the way of... anything but a hyperlinear narrative. Again, I'm not knocking it for this, but it doesn't show off much other than the cutscene direction. There is a lot of missing polish; the interior autotile corners appear to be backward, for instance. The save point is very cool but the animation needs some work. Not being able to interact with fighting soldiers that you're standing right next to is kind of annoying. The lone sentry who is relaxing in a battlefield and then warns you about going ahead (when there are soldiers both before and after him) doesn't make sense. The shift key both speeding and skipping dialogue is not a good idea. If that can be changed... please. The TP counter should be red in the bottom right, as well, although since the AP colour changes I'm not 100 percent sure that'd work.

I'm not a fan of front-view battle systems, although that's neither here nor there, in the long run. The download contains the RTP, but doesn't use any of it. Is there a reason for that? I know 300mbs is nothing in 2018, but it just seems like... weird.

Anyway to Nightblade: it's good, keep it up, I have subscribed.
To other people: it's good, download it and enjoy yourself for twenty minutes.
Getting some real Lovecraft vibes from this, (for more than just the word "Eldritch") which if always a good thing. Looking forward to seeing more of this.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i hope the writing's high quality
I like what's there so far. The combat is nice enough with the resource pooling and charging up to do attacks, but due to the shortness of the demo it's hard to judge the overall battles so early on. But hey, anything is better than attack spam.

The artstyle does bother me in that a lot of the lighting seems pillow shadey-ish. There's just a lot of even lighting that makes most of the material look pretty muddy. There's definitely a case of detailing without really being able to hone in on the actual shape or texture of the subjects. It's hard to explain but it's what I often see in pixel artists starting out. Things like rocks, stone, and snow don't seem well defined material wise. The animations are fantastic though, the characters and their ninjitsu-like moves and spell effects are all great. I especially like the unexpected save point, kind of reminds me of The Neverending Story or the strange characteristics of Dark Souls.

Overall it is serviceable and I wouldn't do some crazy revamp or anything, just something to think about going forward.

Some graphical nitpicks:
Classic case of sprite's cape being bigger than the tiles and clipping through something that should be above.
strange seams tend to cut the graphics up when the camera moves sometimes. Only saw it with this tree and the cliff area a little earlier before. Was running the game at windowed (2x)
I can second those unusual seams cutting apart graphics; it happened to me during the section immediately following that boss fight before the real boss fight. I was running the game fullscreen.
As the game progresses expect the game to look less bad. A lot of the maps graphics were made when I was starting off. If circumstances allow, I'd like to go back and at least redo the cliffs for the intro level to make them neater and more defined. Even now my technique isn't perfect though, so going back to do that again myself would be pointless for the time being.

In regards to the question regarding the RTP, there was actually some RTP sound effects and a song used. Rather than pick through each one I used, I decided to add a paltry 300 MB to the download size to prevent any issues from cropping up.

I loved playing your rm2k3 game when I was much younger. Glad to see you're still at it. :)
I don't often try out demos, but you got me really interested here. I'll try it out later this week.
Finally got a chance to try this. I feel compelled to increase my Patreon donation XD, because this game is booming with potential.

Tonally, it reminded me of the introduction to Phantom Legacy, yet far more polished and tight. The writing has a generally sharp dialogue voice (despite not having much levity) that works to create a nice mystery to Albion. Unlike Keampfer, I didn't mind the lone guard and his cryptic remark, as it suggests a backstory far larger than what's presented here.

The music is fantastic. I expected the visual simplicity to be off-putting, as I'm not often a fan of the style, but by the end, I appreciated it quite a lot. (Weirdly, the simplicity actually works in its favor). The animations were used effectively, especially at the end of the demo - and there's just enough detail to create a world that's grim and brooding. Even if you "touch up" the pixel art at a later time, the general mood is already there, and it works.

I found myself wishing it were longer, though. There's very little context for anything. It'll be fascinating to see if this game pulls back a little, after the encounter with Kahn, building back up to the initial darkness in the way that PL did. The entire demo had a lot of momentum, so I'd love for it to eventually slow down (just a tad) for some world-building. It'd be a great service to the game, because (especially with the writing) you've clearly worked hard over the years to learn what works.
expect only the best of Nightblade. Have enjoyed all your games so far. Looking forward to this one too.
Just played the demo. I really liked the art style and even the menu screen was great. Really brought me back to the SNES days.

The battle system was very interesting - draining AP from enemies and then using it to unleash attacks or heal. Can't wait to see how that gets expanded on later in the game.

The mouth you enter to save the game was creative, the backgrounds were nicely done, and the dialogue is just enough to get the point across without bogging down the player with too much text.

Speaking of the dialogue, I did notice 1 typo where there was an extra "the" in the sentence but can't remember which line of text it was exactly. I'll edit this in if I can find it again.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the quick demo, and will definitely be following this game! Well done! I'm going to go check out some of your other games and give those a playthrough because I really did enjoy what you've done here.
Excited to see another game from you, Demon and Phantom Legacy are amazing games.

I'm very intrigued thus far. The dialogue has left me wondering where in the timeline this takes place with the mention of Deimos and Khan being present seems very interesting. The ruined are another bit I hope the full game goes further into.

However in combat I believe the TP stat should be red to match the cost color. Personally I'd also like the AP to blue but that isn't necessary. That status area seems fairly cramped to me as well, the numbers and letters are extremely close together.

But overall a great demo and I look forward to seeing more!
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