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Piko Piko is a adventure platform action game with visual novel elements where you play as Piko, a little blacksmith girl with a big heart hammer. Piko lives in a peaceful world, but all changes when strange shakes start to happening. The game features cute characters, fast gameplay and with tons of npc interactions.

↓ Download the demo ↓

After Piko failed her graduation, she embarks on an adventure to talk with her teacher. However, a strange series of earth shakes start to happen and now everything is starting to change as Piko becomes trapped in the underground world.


  • Cute Girls

  • Secrets! Hidden npcs with new history interactions

  • Hacking

  • Detailed, living background ! Beautiful handmade pixel art!

  • Cute characters and bosses!

  • Cute gameplay, easy to new ones, and hard for experts.

  • Narrative with humor

  • Hammers

Work in progress

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This looks really cool. I love her hair colour.
was this taken right from my subconscious interests? cute girls with big hammers? bouncy? might as well just smash my head in with one of them big hammers
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