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Episode numberTitlePlot
01The first duelDuelcity's Tournament has just begun ! Liam is challenged by Tobias Larouge, a junkie.
02The ninja girlBrice is challenged by Hokuto Haraki, a ninja girl. A duel will start.
03Butterspy's RequiemAt the Wanyard Graveyard, the duo Brice/Liam is challenged by Will and Mileena Wiya, bro and sis.
04Duel with a starAn actor is in town! A young girl is obstinated to meet him and duel him.
05The possessionThe duo has been attacked and wakes up in a cave. A young boy, Yosuke Andersen, challenges Brice. A dangerous duel is about to start...
06Castlenge WarsBrice and Liam enter the Castlenge, where lucky duelists can get 2 Medals !
07Raidraptor manAt the mountains, Daisy is challenged by Shin Alinato. The young man plays a Raidraptors deck, these famous hunter birds !
08Friendly duelMayor Reinhart is dueling Ariana, for a friendly duel. Though, the dueling level is high.
09Tech GenusLiam is challenged by Bennett Marlon, a Tech Genus user, whose monsters look like bionic.
10Liam's ambitionsLiam's duel to Bennett continues. The duel becomes more intense each turn !
11Lazare's game of hazardThe duo sees that Yosuke is still competiting to the Tournament. He challenges Lazare Hazard, a magician.
12Gordon YutoLiam hopes he'll win more Medals by dueling Gordon Melphus, an inspired cosplayer.
13TV ShowtimeLiam is participating to a TV show. A win would make him get to the finals !
14Butterfly PrinceThe Tournament goes by, and Brice didn't duel since the Castlenge ! A Psykorpus named Jonathan Anthers defies him.
15Eight finalistsThe qualification phase is over ! Brice and Liam will learn who else is also qualified.
16Paris' rainy skiesLet's go to Paris for the first round ! Liam duels Clyde Kenners, whose technique is quite explosive...
17Duel me to the MoonFrom the Earth to the Moon ! Brice is confronting to Ariana and their duel is taking place on the Moon.
18The prodigy duelistWho's that Conrad Fischer, who we never heard about since the beginning of the Tournament ? Yosuke is battling him.
19Falcon or Dragon ?The roof is on our feet in the Upside-Down World ! Shin and Reinhart battle for the last seat to the semi-finals.
20Duel of friends ISemi-finals start ! The teacher Brice duels his student Liam. No one wants to let the other win !
21Duel of friends IIBrice and Liam continue their unique duel. The level is way higher than expected.
22Final FortressConrad and Shin duel on a aerial fleet. Who will make the other crash ?
23The ultimate duelThe final round is here. Brice VS Conrad, a duel for the history.
24The Master DuelistBrice took the upper hand to Conrad. The biker's not gonna give up already !