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Mentions of adult situations and mild violence

Price: 0,99$

Border of her Heart is a VN about a town that recently had a plague outbreak. With the quarantine lifted, you are tasked to work on the morning shift at the border and choose who gets to enter or not. Due to the recent epidemic, you are short on both supplies and manpower and have to pick only the best candidate when deciding who you let in. But beware, as not everyone is who they claim to be...

This is a game where you guard the border gate that leads to a town. People want to enter, some want to leave. You can only let in two people each day but some special events may change this. After each work day, you can socialize with the people that are inside and pursue relationships. Some of the characters have multiple outfits.

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Border of her Heart made back its budget

Border of her Heart sold back its budget and is officially turning in profit.
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  • Tuomo_L
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  • 01/19/2018 08:21 PM
  • 02/16/2018 10:38 AM
  • 02/14/2018
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This game looks absolutely lovely! Subscribed and keeping a lookout, love the idea and can't wait to play it when it's released!
Congratulations on getting the game out, Tuomo! :D I would love to try it out as soon as I save enough gil. XD
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