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-- Meet the cast --


Weapons: Bows and Staves

Healer talent: Use healing powers as a priest to assist and support your teammates in battle!

A human priest that was cursed into a bugbear after meeting the Heartless King Solomon. Barely escaping with his life, he is now on a quest to save his brother from the same curse in hopes that he will return to normal and win his brother back from the Heartless King.


Weapons: Twin Daggers and Double Axes

Iron Chef talent: Conjure food dishes in the midst of battle. Would you like it hot or cold?

The son of Elder Moontooth, he is a bugbear scout with a passion for food and adventure. He likes to joke around at times, often making witty (if not terrible) jokes to lighten up the mood. Despite pestering Lesnar with his atrocious jokes, the two are good friends that don't mind throwing shade at each other. He seems to have a deep fear of water, notably the ocean.


Weapons: Longswords and Clubs

Discipline talent: The best defense is the best offense as they say, use decisive tactics to gain the upper hand!

A Marshfolk from Grandmire, he is a friend of Worik's who keeps him in check from partaking in mischievous acts. He never had a passion for magic despite being the son of a great magical enchanter. He eventually became a swordsman after meeting Reuben Redwing, who took him in as his apprentice.


Weapons: Whips and Flails

Minstrel talent Use the power of music to power up your allies or hinder your foes by lowering their stats!

A human mage hailing from Lambshire. He was the son of the great wizard Canton Silkwood, who was known as 'The Wizard King'. He often thinks himself as 'Prince Charming', a man who can charm any beast with his beautiful looks. Interestingly, he seems to be drawn to things that are 'ugly' and 'unappealing', which may explain why he's curious about the forest folk.


Weapons: Spears and Battle Axes

Absorption talent: Use the power of absorption magic to drain health or spirit!

A mysterious bugbear warrior that can absorb elemental matter through blood magic. He can be rude at times, often saying "your point" a lot to annoy his comrades when they aren't being clear to him. However, he does display a level of kindness towards innocent creatures behind his tough exterior. He vowed he would never use absorption magic on innocent lives, despite his reliance on such power to live.

Aulmar K.

Weapons: Crossbow and Energy Cannon

Sniper talent: Snipe down your foes with specialized ammo meant to slay the mightiest creatures!

An orc hunter from Nobast who seems to be lacking a voice. Literally. Some of the orcs believe he is cursed because of his muteness. They also believe he is the cause of misfortune in their village such as the orc elder going missing. He seems to have a fondness for cookies.

King Solomon

The orc king of Grandmire, who is also referred to as "The Heartless King". Cursed with a heart that breaks when he falls in love, he is unable to live his life normally when the crystal heart governs his mind and body. How could such a king have lost the one thing that made him human?

Reuben Redwing

A former general from the Marshlands, he was thought to be dead from a catastrophic battle. He may be Lesnar's sword master but lately, he's been stalking the group from behind the scenes. What could he be scheming?

Dr. L'Fernius

A bugbear doctor that is currently residing at Castle Grandmire. He seems to be the king's caretaker, though something is unusual about him.

The Sireness

An evil sorceress from the seas and the leader of the Sirens. She was supposed to guard an important prisoner for Reuben until he escaped from her clutches. She commands the seas with the power of storm magic and can easily freeze her opponents with a blow of a kiss.

Elder Moontooth

The Ouri Tribe village elder and the father of Worik. Despite the appearance, he is actually pacifist.


A bugbear from the Ouri Tribe Village, he is a friend of Worik's and the town's blacksmith. He's a bit of a hot-head according to Worik but he loves a good drink and a bar fight.


Lowen's apprentice from the village, he's not a bright man but he does have a knack for metals and blade making. He looks up to Worik like an older brother despite not being related.


A young boy that was imprisoned in a distant tower before he was rescued by Azhal. He and Azhal were washed ashore to Lambshire, where they meet the party at an inn about a witch that's hunting them down. Despite his age, he's incredibly adept in magic and wishes to join the Round Table Enchanters someday.

(More characters coming soon)