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-- Meet the cast --

*Character page has been updated as of 3/8/19! New info and characters have been added!

--Playable Characters--


Weapons: Staves and maces

Healer talent: Use healing powers as a priest to assist and support your teammates in battle!

A human that resides in Haven alongside his brother, Dr. L'Fernius. Barely escaping with his life after meeting with the Black Knight, Bhazjadorr and L'Fernius are now on a quest to find a cure for their curse as well as aiding the Crystal King.


Weapons: Twin Axes and Daggers

Iron Chef talent: Conjure food dishes in the midst of battle. Would you like it hot or cold?

The son of Elder Moontooth, he is a bugbear scout with a passion for food and adventure. He likes to joke around at times, often making witty (if not terrible) jokes to lighten up the mood. His true reason to see the world is connected to his talents with cooking magic.


Weapons: Great Swords

Discipline talent: The best defense is the best offense as they say, use decisive tactics to gain the upper hand!

A Marshfolk mercenary and a childhood friend of Worik's. He originally lived in the swamp of Guntmir before moving to a city to become a knight. Despite being frowned upon by humans due to their association with the Dragon King, Lesnar keeps a positive attitude in the most grim times. Easy-going and quick witted, he shows great admiration and respect for his sword master Reuben.


Weapons: Spears

Absorption talent: Use the power of absorption magic to drain health or spirit!

A mysterious warrior that can manipulate magic using an armlet that only a prince can use. He seems to have royal connections with the family of Lambshire, despite his hideous appearance and gruff nature. He likes to act tough and strong but deep down, he holds a soft side to care for the weak.

Aulmar K.

Weapons: Crossblade (A crossbow with a concealed blade)

Sniper talent: Snipe down your foes with specialized ammo meant to slay the mightiest creatures!

An orc hunter from Nobast, who is referred to as 'the Guardian of the Stronghold'. He is the owner of the Necronomicon, a mask that can read one's history and lifespan. He seems to have a fondness for cookies.

A new party member

Weapons: To be unveiled

Talents To be unveiled

To be announced pretty soon!

--Secondary Characters--

King Solomon

The half orc king of Grandmire, who is referred to as "The Crystal King". After being crowned as the next ruler on the country, he succumbs to a mysterious curse that transforms his heart into a dark crystal. Unable to enjoy the finer things in life, he has locked himself away at Castle Grandmire, in fear that the Black Knight will finish him off.

The Black Knight

An enigmatic figure cloaked in dark magic. He is searching for something that he had lost many years ago and it seems that the King of Grandmire has become his target. He is the same man responsible for cursing Bhazjadorr and L'Fernius into being bugbears.

Dr. L'Fernius

Bhazjadorr's younger brother, who too has been cursed into a bugbear. He can be impatient and likes to jump head first into action. His fiery determination comes from a very special place he holds dearly to his heart. Though, he doesn't like to talk about it with his brother.

Master Reuben

Lesnar's sword master and expert survival guide and mentor to Lesnar. He doesn't like to go to towns or villages and prefers to live in isolation. He seems to enjoy spicy food like Lesnar.

Canton Largonshard

The court wizard of King Solomon. He lives in seclusion with the king, in order to monitor his powers. Though hot-headed, he deeply cares about the king's well being.

Prince Rennic

The human prince of Waylin who is currently filling in for Prince Halberd. Ever since Halberd's disappearance, Rennic has been sporadically fixing barriers at local towns in an effort to protect them from Fell creatures. He's a bit caught up with his looks but he's not afraid to use his wits and charm to get what he wants.


A werewolf with an unusual ability to shapeshift into people he recognizes. Unable to revert to his original self, Fenrir searches high and low for a cure for his supposed curse. He seems to have his eyes fixed on Worik.


A mysterious woman who is neither good or evil. Yet, she trails behind Bhazjadorr's group. She is surprisingly knowledgeable about the Necronomicon, the mask that Aulmar K. wears. What exactly is she trying to accomplish by aiding one of our party members?

The Sireness

An evil sorceress from the seas who commands the power of thunder and ice. She pines for the former king of Grandmire, Zalton, and has scoured the seas in search of him. What could she possibly want with the former king?

Elder Moontooth

The Ouri Tribe village elder and the father of Worik. Despite the appearance, he is actually pacifist.


A bugbear from the Ouri Tribe Village, he is a friend of Worik's and the town's blacksmith. He's a bit of a hot-head according to Worik but he loves a good drink and a bar fight.


Lowen's apprentice from the village, he's not a bright man but he does have a knack for metals and blade making. He looks up to Worik like an older brother despite not being related.


The former orc king of Grandmire and the savior of Devonshire after he slays the tyrannical Dragon King 30 years ago. After passing the torch to his son Solomon to become the next king, he suddenly disappears from the kingdom, never to be seen or heard again. Why?

(More characters coming soon)