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Progress Report

Crystal King - Short break from gamemaking.

Hello humans. I apologize that I haven't posted anything new in the last couple of months. I've been plugging away secretly, as if anybody misses the poor annoying bugbear. But don't worry, I'm still working on the game! So that's the good news. The bad news: while I have about 95% of the story done (the last 5% being the ending and epilogue that needs to be implemented), I still have tons of art that needs to be made. And currently, I'm a bit burned out balancing both my development time with my 9 to 5 job.

So as the title suggests, I'll be taking a break from development until things settle down at my job. Doesn't mean the game is canceled. It just means I'll be taking a break. I'll get back into development after a week or two. Hopefully, no later. Until then, I'll try and fill you guys in with some new details of the game for the next blog. I got a lot of things to unveil, both big and small changes. Thanks again for checking out the game and the game page. I'll see you guys later!


Progress Report

Merry Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas everyone. Just a short blog today since the holidays have been keeping me busy so get your mugs ready for that eggnog and stay hardy and warm for the evening!

Whether you've been a good elf or a naughty orc, Santa Claws is always ready to give you the latest tea on the game. Regarding on the game's progress, I am currently working on some side quests and some potential hunts like the ones you see in FF 12. The main goal is to finish the game by February since I got a list of RPG's ready to be played at the start of the new year so the sooner I finish, the more playtime I get. Of course, this could be the alpha build or maybe the whole game so we'll have to see what happens until then. Something new that's been added is providing spells to your weapons and armor to wield at an earlier time through Yanfly's Attach Augments plugin. This is to ensure you don't get screwed on your spell choices through the Spell Chart. Additionally, Talents will now consume the usual RPG Maker resource "TP" but with a twist! I've been tinkering with Enhanced TP mode since it seems underutilized through editing. TP will deplete like a normal resource akin to MP and will always reset to full after battles (including losses and escapes). Of course, I will have an option to allow TP to regenerate or not depending on your play style and difficulty.

Once again, Happy Holidays to you and RMN. If Santa hasn't ate the cookies yet, the orcs probably will. Maybe even the goblins. =)



Crystal King - Aulmar K. Character Reveal

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who's the most handsome orc of them all?

It is no secret (or maybe it was) that there was a final party member in the game. And today is finally the day that I talk about my secretive character I've been developing on the side: Aulmar K.

Who is Aulmar K. you might be asking? Well, he's an orc that you'll meet on the way when his village gets attacked by a Fell creature. He's armed with a crossbow and utilizes 'Sniper' talents in combat. You can think of him as your 'Gun Mage' from FF X-2 to get an idea on what his class is. If it's not clear by his sprite, you can see a red sling on his right arm. I visualized Aulmar as a broken armed warrior that can still fight through sheer grit and bravery.

But that's not the only thing that's interesting about Aulmar. In fact, the one thing you'll notice when you meet him is that he's entirely mute. That's right. He's a silent orc that lacks a voice. To be honest, I was afraid to go this route because I'm not sure how people feel about the silent protagonist trope. It was a risky move but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me and why I stuck with it.

You see, Aulmar K. is sort of cursed. According to his biography, he's been bullied by the orcs because of his muteness. He was born quiet all his life. Most of the orcs believe he's an ill omen that has brought nothing but misfortune to their village. In fact, the orcs easily blame Aulmar for the creature attacking their village in the first place, even though he's done nothing wrong! Those orc bastards!

Despite the harsh treatment, he is a down-to-earth orc with a gentle heart. He also likes cookies! In terms of who he'll get along with, he seems to like Azhal and Bhazjadorr a lot but doesn't like Worik very much. First impressions are everything Worik!

The biggest mystery surrounding Aulmar is, what role will he play in the story?

Inspired by my conversations from dasgibtesnet and Kylaila, I like to know what you think of Aulmar K. so far and what his destiny is in relation to the game's motif of curses? How do you think Aulmar K. was cursed? Will he be able to speak at some point? Why does he wear that mask on his face? What kind of special powers does it have? I leave it up to you to theorize his character. I'll be unveiling Reuben Redwing soon as the next character. Until then, Happy National Boss Day everyone!


Progress Report

Crystal King - Intro added, no shop run possibility??

Hello everyone, bugbears, orcs and goblins alike. (And humans too!) Here is the monthly report of the game's progress so far:

Story changes?
Something in the demo that wasn't explained or added was a clear intro to the game like a prologue so I went on ahead and designed
an introduction for the game, thanks to the new story changes. It's going to provide some backstory to the king's curse as well as how
Bhazjadorr got cursed in the beginning.

Gameplay changes?
Aside from the story changes, Blessed Mode and Cursed Mode will probably get removed mainly because I felt that it didn't add enough challenge for the game's progression.

Bhazjadorr will no longer have weapon restrictions when it comes to using his talents so he can heal with a bow and do damage with a staff.

The Treasure Grid growth system will likely get overhauled with a brand new concept. Basically, the grid will function like a board that contains locked chests that you can open. All of the chests would contain equipment for each character and any opened chests you pick will serve as a stash/store system to gain additional skills and passives. Of course, this change hasn't been implemented yet but it got me thinking about something with the game's lore.

As hinted by the blog's title: Why would orcs go shopping in a human town? Why would they sleep at a human inn?

Of course, Rennic is the only human on the team that can buy human equipment. But, would it break immersion for you if you saw a bugbear buying equipment from a human vendor and the human's like "Thanks, come again soon!" after purchase? Not saying that I can't do that since it is a game design choice but it was more of a lore reason to go with it. That's why I wanted to test my assumptions and see if it works for the game's world and to see if it makes progression difficult. Since I don't use the inns to heal often because of the save stations, it would make perfect sense that you won't need that service since, you know, an orc staying at a human tavern would seem very strange. So the question is: would it be inconvenient to not have shops to buy weapons and armor and such? Would it make or break immersion for you or would it be frustrating?

That's all I have to report. I'll see you guys next time on the next report!



Crystal King - Back in action

Hi guys, it's The Annoying Bugbear and I have some big announcements to spill. The tea is going to be hot so drink at your discretion.

Is The Crystal King postponed? The answer is...no. My day job's been keeping me away from producing the game but thankfully, the hours have been cut back so I'll be back in action once more for game making.

Here's a quick update on what's been going on in the last few months since the demo's release.

-First off, there will be a brand new character that's joining Bhazjadorr's crew by the name of Aulmar K. There will be a blog about him later highlighting his skills and story role as well as some concept art of the character.

-World map has been completely revised to ensure that area 2 and 3 will be playable in the next build. I've been slowly but surely fleshing out the next couple of levels for the game's build.

-With the new levels underway, the story has also received some major changes. The big tea on the story is that Bhazjadorr has a missing brother that disappeared working at Castle Grandmire. He will go to Castle Grandmire to uncover the truth of his missing brother and you'll be in for a surprise on what he'll discover and how he becomes a bugbear in the first place! I made this change for a few reasons but the big one was agency in his quest. Of course, that's not the only thing that has changed. More details on the plot coming soon.

-The game's progression system, the Treasure grid, will also get a makeover. You will now be able to add quantities into the stash as well as unlocking skills in a separate menu thanks to Yanfly's Common Event menu. There was a lack of visual information on what skills were available in the stash prior to the first build. I intended to have an option to add quantities but found so many bugs trying to implement it while keeping skill unlocks in a single event page.

Another major issue with the grid was constantly mashing the Enter key over and over again to keep upgrading the stash and it felt like padding for the game. Not to mention, this would be a problem if you didn't upgrade any of the stashes at further levels due to the level gap. With the addition of adding quantities, it will hopefully quicken the pace of growing your characters without having to sit there mashing the Enter key, making the development easier and quicker for player convenience.

That's all the announcements I can think of. I know I haven't been on from time to time as promised to make updates but for sure, I'll be continually producing the game and updating the game's page frequently to keep you informed on the changes. When the next build will be released is still unknown but I want to say sometime in October or November.


Progress Report

Crystal King - Random blog, 3K Views

Hey guys. Chief here and apparently I've been away from production lately. I took a small hiatus for a few weeks just to try out some new games, notably Ni No Kuni 2 and Conan Exiles, and I had some fun.

Crystal King is going through a lot of revisions for the story line and it seems like I got everything figured out on how to tie in some of the major character arcs together with the events. I will say that the new story line will feature a new villain in the next build. This new villain will be Reuben Redwing, who has a direct connection to one of your party members Lesnar Grayhorn.

If you've been visiting the Characters page recently, you may notice that some biographies have been updated from time to time, as well as the inclusion of new characters like Reuben. Portraits of the characters will be revealed slowly overtime so you get a good glimpse of the cast and just to showcase my lovely art to you all.

As the title says, I did hit over 3,000 page views for the game. I know it doesn't sound all that exciting but to me, I'm pretty impressed that the game is getting some interest. Especially since I don't have a Twitter or any other social media platform to promote it so yeah, staying very primitive here. Maybe I have a secret admirer somewhere, idk but whoever's been taking the time to look at my game or the game page, you have my thanks.

That's all the random announcements I have. I'll get back to game making now.



Crystal King - Demo Patch for 1.02

Here is the bug report and patches for Ver. 1.02:

-Huge optimization update for file size, it's no longer above 400 MB, hurray!

-Fixed a couple of typos in the dialogue, it should now say "The Crystal King" demo in the beginning! Big oversight on my behalf.

-Fixed Bhazjadorr's Leveled Shot so that it's available to use if you picked a bow from Lowen.

-Treasure Grid now unlocks when you reach the Faerie Broker. Originally, you can access it at the beginning but is no longer the case in this version.

-In Version 1.01, there was a hotkey bounded to the menu button (X key) when trying to access the Treasure Grid. Reason being was because if the player chose to upgrade another character, it would overwrite the player's location variables and would potentially 'trap' the player inside the grid. The conditions have been reworked so that it's accessible inside the treasure grid without the fear of being trapped in the grid. No key bind is needed anymore, hurray! It took a while to figure out and I'm so happy that it's been fixed!

-A tutorial option for the Treasure Grid is now available at the Faerie Broker. Lowen will walk you through the steps on how to upgrade.

-Dr. L'Fernius will now drop a rare accessory if you successfully beat him the first time.

-Found a bug with Solomon that he can be "beaten" using Bhazjadorr's Spirit Slayer talent because I forgot to add "Spirit Weakness x 0%" in his parameters. You're not suppose to win in this fight and there's a reason why he's immune to everything!

-Solomon can now be slowed using Molasses. Charm is now effective on Solomon for a pretty good reason...

-Charm (Rennic talent) has been reworked so that enemies remain docile (acts like a sleep state).

-Chest in Bandit Cave dropped the wrong item as it said 'Croissant' so it's been fixed to drop 2 Croissants now

-Terrax Lighting has been installed for the bandit map. I turned off the lights by default just in case if your PC isn't capable of processing lights.

-Every character now has two talents to fix skill typing. For example, staves will now respond to Weakness talents as a separate category and bows will respond to the Archery talents as a separate category for Bhazjadorr.

-A new weapon type has been added for Lesnar in game: clubs!

-Battle items like the Honey have been updated, fixed the missing animation for Molasses

-Taunt (Lesnar talent) has been fixed so that physical attacks hit Lesnar. Apparently, I put it in the wrong note box so now it's working.

That's all the major updates for the game. I had a blast with this version and I can say without a doubt, it's 10 times better than the last one. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it too. If you got any questions or comments, leave 'em down below or send a PM.

If you already played version 1.01, I recommend playing version 1.02 to experience the new changes! Good luck!



Crystal King - Demo #1 is out!

Hello everyone. I am happy to announce the arrival of "The Crystal King" in demo format. The demo is now available to play and hopefully, I followed all the steps necessary for deployment and uploading because it was a huge pain to figure it out.

Demo notes:

-Game runs okay on my computer but I do get framerate issues every once in a while due to TerraxLighting plugin.

-Not a lot of bugs or at least I don't think there's anything game breaking that I've left out. I spent the entire night fishing for bugs!

-If you find any bugs or missing files that I've missed, please let me know and I will fix them for version 2.

-Bhazjadorr was supposed to have a melee skill for his bow but it is currently broken as of now. Also, his talents says "Archery" even though he can use a staff so disregard the naming because it will get fixed in Version 2.

What kind of feedback are you looking for?

Anything in general from the art to the story to the gameplay. I know I have a lot of areas to polish up but hopefully, the demo showcases my current working knowledge of game design and the engine itself. I'd like to hear from you what you think of the game and its pacing, if you understood the mechanics of the treasure grid and etc. That kind of feedback is essential for me, so that I can understand what players are doing in the game and what needs to be addressed or clarified for future gameplay.

That's all I have to say about the demo. Hopefully the game works. Thanks again for checking the game out or if you haven't, please do! Have fun with it.


Game Design

Crystal King - Growth system!

Today I'm going to give you the run down on TCK's growth system: The Treasure Grid!

What is the Treasure Grid?

The Treasure Grid is the main source of power for each character. The shape of the grid is based on the character's weapon, in this case, it looks like a bow. Sort of.

Treasure Grid explained:

Inside the grid, you will find 8 different nodes or 'stashes'. Each stash represents a parameter:


When you approach a stash, the following information will be displayed:

In order to upgrade the stash, you will need a specific item called an "Aug" ( short for Augment) to boost any parameters. Augs can be found in combat, found in chests and can be purchased from the Faerie Broker. Don't worry, there are no microtransactions!

A list of the Augs and the currency needed to purchase them

Once you acquire enough Augs, you can begin upgrading the characters to your liking. You will find a set of choices here
where you can choose which Aug to donate.

For every Aug that you donate, the stash levels up. Depending on which Aug that you donate, the stash will produce various bonuses. (See below)

When you hit the max level, no further donations can be added until the player hits the next level. The max level will always be dependent on the character's current level so if Bhazjadorr is level 3, then the max stash is level 3 as show below.

At a certain point, stashes will cap at a hidden number. At that point, once you max the stash, you've learned all the skills that are available in that node.

And that's it. That's the mechanics of the Treasure Grid! Just a side note, the design/layout of the grid is not complete as this is still a work in progress. But regardless, the grid is playable in the demo. If you got any questions or need clarification, please leave a comment down below and I'll answer any questions you got about the grid. Stay tuned and I'll be back with that demo!

Inspiration behind the grid:

The grid was inspired by FFX's Sphere Grid with a hint of the Lillium Orb system from ToX and a hint of Kingdom of Amalur's milestone achievement. All programmed using events.


Progress Report

Crystal King - Progress #1

Chief here, giving you the latest report of the game's progress.

What's new:

-Created the orc captain Apollo (whose name/designed may be changed after the demo)
-Created Apollo's sprite
-Created the menu portraits for Azhal, Bhazjadorr, Worik and Lesnar.
-Created a save point sprite
-Created the treasure grid sprites, won't be animated in the demo
-Level design for Mushroom Forest is complete
-Level design for Goblin Grove is complete

What's next:

-Create Rennic's menu portrait
-Fine tune any art/aesthetics
-Create a few NPC's
-Create a few custom animations
-Create enemy art
-Create the Lambshire Forest tilesets
-Debugging fights on Cursed Mode
-Debugging skills
-Debugging Treasure Grid progression

So far so good on progress, demo might be released on time but there's a 50/50 chance that it may be pushed by the first week of May since work's been keeping me away from the computer. We'll have to see how my work schedule goes but thankfully, April doesn't have a lot of holidays so I might be able to take it easy from here.

Next progress report will be posted on April 20th. Time for game making!
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