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This page contains spoilers of the story and will be updated from time to time as the game is getting developed. This walkthrough was written based on the new changes I've made to the project since the last build. If you are playing Demo version 1.02, this page won't be so helpful since 1.02 is outdated and a new build will be released soon with the upcoming changes. I will be adding some juicy details here and there so read at your own discretion!

Coming to Version 2.01 and above


Items list:

You will be in control of a human named Bhazjadorr. Interact with the objects to learn more about the game's mechanics before proceeding forward to the throne room. View the cutscene where Bhazjadorr inspects a crystal on the ground that transforms him into a bugbear.

Upon waking up, you'll be greeted by another human named Rennic, who has discovered you unconscious. Rennic claims that he has done nothing to you but tells Bhazjadorr that he must escape before the Shadow Knight returns.

Ouri Tribe Village Pt 1

Items list:
-Life Potion
-Oakwood Staff or Oakwood Bow

The next day approaches. Somewhere in a quiet village, a new journey unfolds.

Bhazjadorr awakens from exhaustion and discovers that he's been resting in town, still transformed as a bugbear. Head south of the room to meet your acquaintances. You will be greeted by Worik and Lesnar, who are curious about your transformation. Make your way to the east to find a chest containing x2 Apples. Go inside the center room to meet the elder to view a cutscene.

Upon greeting yourself to the elder, Bhazjadorr believes that Rennic knows the source of his curse and wishes to return back to the castle to save him. However, Worik tells Bhazjadorr that it's suicide to go back there alone especially since Bhazjadorr hasn't learn how to fight as a bugbear yet. Bhazjadorr vows that he'll find the strength to return and agrees to help Worik with his chores around the village. Before leaving, Lesnar hands you some rations in case if you get hungry. These rations are as followed: Apples, Mushroom, Bread and a Life Potion.

Leave the house and Worik will notice that Bhazjadorr doesn't have a weapon on him. He suggests to stop by at Lowen's place to get one before heading out. Make your way to Lowen's shop where the sign post is and talk to Lowen.

Lowen at first will refuse Worik's proposition before making a request himself to find his apprentice Fang, who has gone fishing by the river and hasn't returned since then. Bhazjadorr and Worik accept his request and Lowen will hand you a spare weapon to defend yourself. It's important to note that Bhazjadorr has two kinds of talents: Archery (bow route) and Weakness (staff route). Pick a weapon of your choosing and begin heading south to leave the village.

Lambshire Woods Pt 1

Items list:
-Treasure Grid for Bhazjadorr
-Aug of Might x3
-Aug of Knowledge x3
-Aug of Will x3
-Aug of Spirit x3

Note about enemies. Enemy encounters happen on the field. Touching them results in combat but you can escape. Certain battles will prevent you from escaping as these battles are usually tied to enemies blocking the way. Enemies respawn upon leaving and reentering the room. Accessing the treasure grid (later on) can also reset enemies.

Head south from the village to enter the world map. Make your way to the bridge down south to enter Lambshire Woods. You'll be at the bridge where Fang was supposed to be but he's not here. Continue heading south by crossing the bridge and enter the first region of the woods. Here, you'll see an NPC being attacked. Defeat the faerie and her boggarts to rescue the NPC, who turns out to be Fang.

Take Fang back to the village and you'll be rewarded by Lowen, who hands Bhazjadorr a treasure grid. Lowen informs him that it's a growth enhancer to boost and unlock his strengths and believes it will be fit for his journey to the castle. Seeing he doesn't need anymore, he gives it to Bhazjadorr as a way of thanking him for finding Fang. The tutorial of the treasure grid appears and the player has the choice to skip it or take it. Either way, you will have access to the treasure grid from now on.

Lesnar tells you to watch out for a man named L'Fernius, who might be the one responsible for destroying Grandmire. He hands you another set of items in the form of Augs, which are needed to upgrade your party members.

Before departing, make sure to visit Lowen and Fang at the shop for equipment. This can make the battles easier on yourself if you're still unsure how to use the treasure grid effectively.

Onwards to Grandmire Castle

Item list:
-Wizard Armguard (rare drop)
-Bedroom Key

To reach Grandmire, you will need to exit Lambshire Woods from the east. Continue heading off where you found Fang and head south from the creek. If you go northwest up the creek, you can find an item here. Similarly, following the creek down southeast and crossing a log, you'll find another item down here.

At the cross section, touch the save station to heal and make your way east from the intersection. This room is the perfect place to level up before proceeding so use this as an opportunity to get stronger before heading out!

Continue heading eastwards until you're on the other side of the forest from the world map. Continue heading northeast until you find a castle. Approach the castle to enter Grandmire.

Inside, Worik and Bhazjadorr agree to split up to cover more ground and will make things easier for sneaking around. Head northwest to the stairs and navigate through the enemy infested hallways to reach the northern tower. Make your way to the top of a tower before encountering a mini-boss: Living Armor.

You will find the Bedroom Key upon defeating the living armor. Use the key to open the door down south to reveal a cutscene. You will reunite with Rennic, who will tag along as a guest and not a party member yet. Navigate your way back down to the foyer before meeting a stranger doctor. He will halt your advance before revealing himself as Dr. L'Fernius, the "owner" of the castle. He makes a deal with Bhazjadorr that if he wins, Bhazjadorr and Rennic will be free but should he lose, death is the only penalty.

Boss: Dr. L'Fernius

You do not have to win in this fight since L'Fernius is incredibly powerful this early in the game. However, beating him in less than 4 turns will net you a Wizard Armguard accessory.

Win or lose, watch the cutscene where Worik comes to the rescue and uses an escape powder to rescue the team. L'Fernius is then upset that he miscalculated and reports back to The Shadow Knight.

Ouri Tribe Village Pt 2

Item list:
-TBA (to be added)

Upon making your way back to the village, Rennic will introduce himself to the team and inform the men about his situation. He will also go in depth about Bhazjadorr's curse and the king's curse too.

Rennic tells the story of a king whose heart was made of crystal to Bhazjadorr and learns that the king has become dormant when his crystal heart was shattered. The shattering of the crystal heart had resulted in Grandmire's demise, creating a dark fallout that has corrupted the life around the region. His father, Canton Silkwood, sacrificed himself to create a barrier to quarantine the fallout to prevent further darkness from spreading. The king's illness was also diagnosed to be curse called "the heartbreak", a heart that breaks when the afflicted fall in love with someone. He believes that Bhazjadorr was cursed from touching a dark fragment of the crystal he founded earlier and resulted him into looking like a bugbear. Bhazjadorr theorizes that if they could save the king by purifying his heart, his curse could be lifted. He shows Bhazjadorr a tome that might contain the secrets of the crystal heart and is the only clue they have into breaking the curse. However, the book is locked by a strong ward that can't be dispelled so easily.

The next day, Rennic and Lesnar officially join Bhazjadorr's party as Bhazjadorr agrees to help Rennic decipher and dispel the tome for his sake.

Lambshire Woods Pt 2

Items list:
-TBA (to be added)

If you recall earlier, there were some scouts blocking your way to the west. Since we need to go to Lambshire, we need to head west from the forest and thankfully, the scouts will no longer be blocking our way. Make your way west from the intersection and navigate down south to the exit of woods. Not before long, you'll be ambushed by the werewolves that were trailing from behind.

Boss fight: 3 Werewolves and the Werewolf Master

The Town of Lambshire

Azhal will officially join your team before leaving Lambshire. Details coming soon as to how and why he joins.

The Mushroom Forest

Items list:
-Power Herb
-Steel Bangle
-Rune Bangle
-Spriggan Root
-Knight's Armguard
-Butterfly Lily

Boss: Spriggan King and Spriggan Queen (The Monarchs)

This is the hardest fight so far. The Monarchs are weak to fire and resistant to earth. Use Rennic's Charm to keep the king at bay while focusing damage on the Queen. The major threat in the fight is Fire Cannon, as it can do between 600-700 damage. You can reduce the damage using Rennic's Nature Shield or using Lesnar's Stand Together stratagem. Bhazjadorr's Plant Slayer is effective in this fight (if you specialized in the staff) so use it often. Watch out for the Spriggan King's Draining Slash, as it reduces your MP. Recover MP using Mushrooms or Mint and keeping your HP above 600.

After the boss fight, you will receive the Butterfly Lily. You'll find a chest in this room containing a Spriggan Root, a whip for Rennic. Equip it or ditch it, leave the room and make your way to the southern exit. If you follow the stairs to the right, you will find the Knight's Armguard on the upper terrace.

Continue heading east across the bridge to the east exit. Save your progress and make your way to the clearing. A cutscene will ensue with Azhal "betraying" you momentarily before revealing his true plan of backstabbing The Shadow Knight. Azhal reveals that the shadow knight had locked him up in the tower to be his slave but Reuben denies this. At the same time, Lesnar intercepts their quarrel and tells him that Reuben would never do such a thing as his teacher. Azhal and Lesnar fight each other before Reuben uses them as a distraction to steal Rennic's tome.

Boss: Reuben Redwing, the Shadow Knight

Nobast, the Orc Encampment

The Goblin Grove

Returning to Nobast

The Southern Swamp

Guntmir, home of the Marshfolk

The Dream pt 1

Deciphering the Iron Heart

Osgar, the Lake Town

The Alchemist Tower

The Cavern of Tears

Dragonwood Peak

The Iron Mines of Dwarven Nell

The Dream pt 2

Returning to Lambshire

Castle Grandmire

The Ultimate Truth

Nacazna Rebuilt

The Final Battle