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This game is a direct sequel to Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple. As such, it is largely assumed that players have played that game first.

Three young people bravely explored a ruin called the Skyward Temple in order to obtain an artifact of great value: the Skyglyph. Also known as the Temple of the Dragons, it is located in the eastern realm of Eremidia. After some fierce battles during their exploration, they managed to reach the last floor to find out Skyglyph. However, they were trapped by a magical seal that threw them into the Astral Plane. Can you help them find their way back to their world?

  • Turn Based Sideview Battle System
  • Two Rows System -- Skill sets will be different if you put the character at the back or front row. Allow more strategic battle
  • Free Turn Battles -- The actor will instantly act as you execute commands.
  • Skill points: Earn these by leveling up. Unlock, or upgrade, existing skills. Unleash the potential of your character!
  • Limited Visibility -- Lighting effects that add the atmosphere of a dungeon crawler.
  • Skill Cooldown -- Restricts the ability to execute the same skill twice!
  • Action Points: Actions use AP, instead of MP, which is recharged each round.
  • Fast Paced Battles -- Enemies will deal huge damages, but you will also have the ability to heal your characters quickly!
  • Encounter unique enemies -- Each enemy has its very own pattern and weakness!
  • More to come...

Latest Blog

Obligatory, "I'm not dead yet" post (Plus progress report)

Just letting you know that this project never entered an actual hiatus status. Like, if I actually have the idea of how to continue and also have time, I will do it.

However, it's tough to say that after almost one year sitting here on this page, I haven't really moved on from the first chapter of the game. I keep revising it because I haven't satisfied with the result. Mainly because of the direction of the story (and a little bit about the actual game mechanic). This already undergoes the third revision, and hopefully, this will be the last revision I will have.

So for an actual progress report.

On the mechanical side. In the previous blog, I said something about skill level. Now, I ditched it all together. I realized that the satisfaction of leveling up the skill isn't really satisfying. So I switched into something else.

Perk System
The skill level system will be substituted with picking perks. This also allows you to know what kind of reward is waiting for you after leveling up. Which in my opinion gonna be exciting to see how the character progresses.

Armor HP mechanic
Instead of applying debuff down, almost all skill will inflict defense down because every action has its own formula to damage the armor. Likewise, armor also has HP. The balance of the armor is subject to change. But I did this at least because I never satisfied with the standard armor mechanic. Hopefully, this will not make the battle more demanding or whatnot.


Skill information:
I improved the look of skill information from my previous game. Which it looked like this.

Into something like this

That's all for now.
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  • 01/27/2018 12:05 PM
  • 02/01/2019 10:11 AM
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Ahhhh another Eremidia game. :D Pumped + Subbed!
Oh man, I loved your scripts and the video looks so cool! Definitely looking forward to this.
It's say download limit reached.
Do you have a secondary link? I'm interested to play
It's say download limit reached.
Do you have a secondary link? I'm interested to play
EDIT: Link taken down. PM me if you still need it. Thanks~
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