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This game is a direct sequel to Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple. As such, it is largely assumed that players have played that game first.


Three young people bravely explored a ruin called the Skyward Temple in order to obtain an artifact of great value, the Skyglyph. After some fierce battles during their exploration, they managed to reach the last floor to find Skyglyph. However, they were trapped by a magical seal that threw them into the Interdimensional Void Rift. While trying to make a way to escape from The Rift, they find that there is more secret to uncover that soon will decide the fate of the Eremidia Kingdom.

Alternative game page: On itch.io

  • Free turn system - Actor will act as soon as you give them the order.
  • Two rows battle system - Battle divided into two rows. One is for offensive, one is for support. Skill changed depending on the actor position.
  • Controlled aggro system - Using two rows system, some actors may get attacked more often than the others depending on the actor position.
    Armor HP - Everyone has armor, and everyone has armor HP. Everyone can have the best defense they could have, but they will be vulnerable when their armor is broken.
  • Linear progression - No branching storyline will be present.
  • Map hazards - Map will have various effects such as a damaging effect or others.
  • No puzzle - Because I hate puzzle in RPG.
  • Random visible encounter - Visible encounter will be spawned randomly near your position and chase you after you walked after you've done certain steps and not engage a battle for a while. You can do evasive maneuver if you wish not to enter battle and it will be gone if you managed to evade for a few seconds.
  • Perk system - Each character has its own unique perk to acquire when you level them up.
  • Action Point - Instead of MP, the game uses Action Point instead. No need to worry about running out the resources.
  • Artifact Collection - Explore the world and discover some unique artifact effect to improve character performance.

Latest Blog

RSE Version Demo is out!

What does it mean by RSE? RSE is Release Something Event held in the official RPG Maker forum. Which mean, this demo is to participate in the said event. That said, while I do release a demo, it is more like a "progress report". Keep in mind that before the event was started, I never intend to actually build a playable demo. The reason is, I'm still changing most of the things within the game.

So, what is my intention with this game demo and plan for the future?
  • This demo is some kind of "tech demo" or "proof of concept" of most of the system I created.
  • I do not have a plan to update the demo content. What I'm planning is, I'm going to make it as a full game for the next release (it wont be so soon though). However, my intention aside from participating RSE is I'm allowing you to try my game progress so far.
  • I will do bugfix if it's a fatal bug. I will note any non-fatal bug and/or any comments regarding my systems.
  • Everything within the game is still subject to change. Some part of the game is also placeholders. i.e, it may not actually represent the final product.
  • If you have played "The Astral Plane" demo back when I shared it in 2018, everything has been changed.

That said, upon this release, there're some known glitch that I haven't yet managed to fix due to various reasons. However, these are not a major game breaking bug (except maybe the last one):
  • Artifact counts not refreshed when crafting a new one in the artifact menu.
  • Does not display artifact info when selecting one in the equipment window.
  • Terra's skill menu displays an incorrect skill slot.
  • Damage counter does not reset when counting damage in a counterattack.
  • Player sprite displayed under the bride after accessing the menu in a certain map.
  • Turn count when "surprised" started from 3 instead of 1 (may actually interfere with hard mode mechanic, but I haven't verified it yet).

I put the download link in my itch io page as I want it to be centralized. That said, I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
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  • 01/27/2018 12:05 PM
  • 04/18/2019 08:01 AM
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Ahhhh another Eremidia game. :D Pumped + Subbed!
Oh man, I loved your scripts and the video looks so cool! Definitely looking forward to this.
It's say download limit reached.
Do you have a secondary link? I'm interested to play
It's say download limit reached.
Do you have a secondary link? I'm interested to play
EDIT: Link taken down. PM me if you still need it. Thanks~
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