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Long ago, during the inception of the new world, ancient myths tell that the Phoenix, the arbiter-god of the Samsarian Cycle, imparted its power unto the first humans so that they could construct society and advance at unprecedented rates. This power was known as Phoenix Fire, a divine form of fire which heals and builds instead of burning and destroying. The remnants of its powers have been long gone from this world, however- to most who know about it, Phoenix Fire is a mere folk tale. Now, the Phoenix is worshiped as the God of the Sun, with its ties to creation being known only as mythos.

This story follows the adventures of Jayde, a young girl who resides on the rich, verdant isle of Jua. Though she prefers hunting and gallivanting and everything in between, Jayde is the heiress of the Shuja tribe, a proud tribe which makes its home in the middle plains of Jua. Alongside her timid childhood friend Askari and the renowned hunter Khalira from the neighboring tribe, Jayde embarks on a journey to uncover the ancient past of Jua and its supposed connection to the Samsarian Cycle.

Welcome to Samsarian Tale, a personal project dear to the heart inspired and modeled after the JRPG genre. Spanning countless environments and countless worlds, Samsarian Tale weaves a coming-of-age tale of Jayde, a plucky, young huntress weighed down by the pressures of her royal heritage. Alongside her childhood friend Askari and an aloof huntress Khalira, Jayde explores the mysteries behind the long lost-to-the-world powers of Phoenix Fire, a terraforming magic with extraordinary powers.

Samsarian Tale traverses many philosophies and cultures in its ambitious 30-hour story, but also places great importance in exploration, questing, and off-the-road tasks. While the game remains linear in nature--progressing from area to area--each locale is filled with personality-brimming NPCs, quests with depth, hidden areas, and optional monsters and bosses to hunt and track. Battles are styled a la a combination of Ao no Kiseki mechanics and Chrono Trigger's on-map battles, and the game offers a plethora of ways of customize your party members' stats, skills, and passive boosts. Please check out the Features and Images sections for more info on each part of my game, and thanks for stopping by!

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Fixed Demo Uploaded!

Hey all,

I received some feedback that the demo didn't properly disable RTP and was also missing several fonts/graphics. These issues have been fixed and the game has been tested without RTP and should work perfectly now. Apologies to anyone confused by that. I hope you'll enjoy the latest build of Samsarian Tale Chapter 1!


The demo download has also been updated on the download page so no bugged versions should be in circulation. MV users among others - play away without downloading that pesky RTP! Cheers,

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  • 02/01/2018 11:10 PM
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Thanks! I'm still setting up the page and trying to churn out a new demo to upload, but if you're interested you can check out my post on the RPG Maker Forums here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/samsarian-tale.89973/#post-821632

It has a short playable demo and a bunch more screenshots/info on it, but hopefully that'll all get moved over here soon.
Help pls.
In Dusk cave depths, Solista apeares when trying to break a fissure and game crashes with the message "unable to find the graphics/menus/equip/face5". I have no directory for GRAPHICS.

Help pls.
In Dusk cave depths, Solista apeares when trying to break a fissure and game crashes with the message "unable to find the graphics/menus/equip/face5". I have no directory for GRAPHICS.


Oh great find. I create test events everywhere to experiment and try out different scripts in different places. I'm usually able to remove most of them, but that's one test event I forgot to take out, so apologies for that!


Here's a patched version of the game. Copy your save file in your original folder over to the new game folder, then simply interact with the same place you activated her to remove her from your party. Should be on the northern edge of the last room in Dusk Cave.
Hmm... i get suck at that house at that town ( Get in yeah, but not out :( )... :I Now begin again :( .

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