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Samsarian Tale features over 100 scripts to make the game as QoL-friendly and detailed as possible. Here are some of the major features you can look forward to in current and upcoming versions of Samsarian Tale:

• A fully-fleshed out Class System which allows for customization of active skills, passive skills, and stat growth!
• On-map battles mixed in with classic RPG sideview for a varied and engaging experience.
• Several customization systems including attaching stat-boosting gems to weapons (Lapillus) and equipping magic spells to take into battle.
• Huge, open-ended areas ideal for exploration, questing, and community building, all through an Affinity System which tracks your progress.
• A unique, intricate story which draws on real-world lore and classic RPG themes to deliver a familiar yet novel plot!
• A hugely detailed Day/Night system that changes music, monsters, NPCs, and lots else to present an immersive, real-life experience.

Some other things I've implemented in the game as well:

• Traditional Sideview encounters still occur at specified points in the game!
• Completely redesigned menus and battle HUD with added functionality.
• Respawn after Death instead of Game Over.
• Minimap on screen.
• Enemy levels.
• Bust portraits for cutscene dialogue.
• Footstep sounds.
• Over 100 custom sound effects, BGS, and BGM. RTP is near minimized!
• Save any time, healing points in dungeons.

Check out the screenshots of the game for visuals of each of these systems!