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It is the year 212 AXW: the Great War that ravaged the galaxy of Xerxes has given way to contentious peace. One of the legendary heroes of the war, Arcturo Rave, now presides over Xerxes as the High King. His influence, though considerable, is barely containing a galaxy divided.

Much of the conflict stems from two age-old adversaries: the humanoid Errans of House Rave in Sector 4, and the lizard-like Draconians in Sector 1. To defuse the tension, Draconian Count Vorakia Estuuban wishes to merge two of the most influential houses from Sector 1 and Sector 4 through the marriage of Princess Ellemine Rave (daughter of the High King) and Prince Chad Zephyr (son of Lord Falric Zephyr). The High King approves of this union between the Errans of House Rave in Sector 4 and the Humans of House Zephyr in Sector 1. However, the Count may have an agenda of his own for this marriage, and may not have the best interest of the galaxy in mind. Could House Zephyr simply be a puppet of the Draconian Count in this union?

Klein Cryoz, the personal bodyguard of Princess Ellemine Rave, finds himself caught up in a twist of unfavorable events. Journey into the galaxy of Xerxes and enter Klein's life, as he finds himself caught up in a galactic feud. Along the way, the fragments of his long-forgotten dark past surface, piece by piece. Will he be able to do his duty, withstand the pressure of a brewing war, all the while having his past haunt him?

Rave Heart on Steam:

- Rich background story and varieties of alien planets to explore.
- A Cast of colorful characters who each have their own interesting background stories.
- Side-quests and Optional bosses.
- Discover different extraterrestrial races and their cultures.
- Emotionally involving story-line with interesting twists.
- Immersive Sci-fi setting.
- Gameplay that seeks to bring out the love of nostalgia from RPG gamers.
- Animated Side-view Battle System.

Hard Reset's review video:

Driftwood Gaming's First Impression for Rave Heart steam release 2020:

Rave Heart Facebook Page:

Latest Blog

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Rave Heart's full release!

Zazir & Sola says Happy 3rd Anniversary to Rave Heart's full release! Adorable artwork done by the amazing Berry B! Celebrating this anniversary with a week-long sale!

Rave Heart is 48% Off on STEAM for the week: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1375880/Rave_Heart/
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 02/08/2018 12:53 PM
  • 08/29/2023 09:34 AM
  • 08/28/2020
  • 107475
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Your mapping seems vastly improved in this game. Kudos for that~~ :D
Hello Frogge! Wow!! You don't know how much that means to me hearing you say that! ^_^ Thank you so much!! I will do my best to keep improving on my mappings as I develop the game. :D (hopefully I'll get better soon. xD)
Ellemine uses too much "hihihi" in her overall dialogue. I think I get what you're aiming with that, but it can be annoying at times.
Other than that, it's a nice demo.
Hi kennsure! I understand what you mean by that xD Don't worry though, Ellemine may seem quite innocently childish at first, but she will develop in ways that you won't be hearing much hihihi from her. :)

Thank you so much for trying out the demo! ^_^
Just worked on a new layout for this page! XDD Fheww, working with ccs codes is not a joke. x((

Thank God, I'm kinda satisfied with it, for now. xD
Hi, Starmage. I had lots of fun playing the demo and I hope you'll keep your motivation up to finish this game. From my side, there's not much to criticize, since this game seems nearly perfect to me. :D A few small things to mention: The game contains some junk symbols which seems to be a font problem at all. For example, the arrows are shown as squares when the level-up screen appears. Also, when I boost my AGI, it shows "+AGI{" instead of "+AGI". Maybe you can rid of this with Lone Wolf's Custom Font Junk Symbol fix. Can be found here.
Hello Tw0Face! Wow!! Thank you very much for trying out the demo and for your very kind words!! I am really honored to have read them! ^_^ Of course, I will do my best to keep the motivation in finishing this project! ^_^

And yes, I've been looking for a way to fix the font bug during state buffs in battle x(( But wow, I'll try that out! Thank you so much Tw0Face!! I really really appreciate it!!
Hi kennsure! I understand what you mean by that xD Don't worry though, Ellemine may seem quite innocently childish at first, but she will develop in ways that you won't be hearing much hihihi from her. :)

Thank you so much for trying out the demo! ^_^

Hm, I see, I think I'll be looking forward to this.

After replaying the game, I think I find a bit of a "complaint" with character growth.

I find it unusual for Ellemine to have a mediocre EP growth. Hers goes up for around two per level even though she's supposed to be a mage-like unit? Klein also suffers similar problem since he looks like a thief-mage hybrid in term of stats.
Aside from HP and MP, looks like characters don't get much points in other stats. Is it intentional because there will be more coming from entering astral state and equipments?
Hi kennsure! ^_^

As for the characters' stat growth, the small growth are actually intentional. :) THis is to make way for finding boosters in the astral realm. ^_^ And don't worry though, even if you don't look for the boosters, the enemies in game are designed to adjust with the characters' estimated level at the time of encounter. :) So it'll be okay and hopefully, balanced enough. ;)

Again, thank you very much kennsure for playing the demo and bringing this up to me, as I had the opportunity to answer this in case others will have the same concerns. ^_^ I really appreciate it so ;)
Starmage this game looks awesome. Are you going to have it available to buy on steam as well? I know I always ask that about commercial games, but only because I can't buy from any where except steam, because my uncle, and grandparents are paranoid. Anyway good luck with your game.
Hello Rose_Guardian!! Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! ^_^ And yep, in fact, Steam would probably be the only place where I'll sell this xDD (I'm still very noob at this as this is my very first planned commercial game xD). It will be very cheap. ^__^
Glad to hear it'll be cheap, I should be able to buy it when it's complete. :) One question though, when you get to the stage to sell it, would it be possible to sell it through itch.io as well? A lot of Steam RPG Maker games that are sold on Steam get sold on there too, and if I like any that are cheap I'd usually rather buy one from there if I can.

I think it's free to do so and you just have to make sure the right price is really set in stone as by default I think people otherwise can get games for free.

Second comment. I plan to play and review this but only once it's complete, the game has already had a lot of good feedback to it and I believe will continue to do so, so it should be fine if I wait for the completion before giving a good review. I know it's still some time away, but that's fine too. Best of luck with Rave Heart as I said before! :)
This looks really cool (and clearly very well received).

I do have to say, though, the choice of "Aryan" as a faction is pretty ill advised. Even moved to a science fantasy context, that word has some very heavy real world connotations. I don't know, maybe that's exactly what you were going for and your game deals seriously with related issues, in which case ignore me!
hi boos405 and StormCrow!! Thanks so much for checking out the game! ^_^

boos405 - I'm so happy to hear you wanting to buy and review the game once it is complete! ^_^ :) Btw, I also plan to sell the game on Itch.io soon, so no worries. ;) (That is, if I figure out how the Itch.io to paypal stuff works xD). Still, I will do my best that the finished product will not disappoint and that it will be an enjoyable experience for awesome people like you!! ^_^ :)

StormCrow - Thanks so much for bringing that up! As this gives me an opportunity to answer this concern here in my RMN page for other people who are curious with the usage of the term. :) In the very decision that I used the term "Aryan", I actually was referencing the real life alien species "Pleiadians" :) Since their alternate name was also "Aryan" as seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_alleged_extraterrestrial_beings

I drew inspiration from the Pleiadians as an alien race for their peaceful and loving nature, as well as their very spiritual and technologically advanced traits. :)

It was only until this was heavily discusses on the Discord servers, when one of the members (Drass) kindly notified me of the negative connotations of the term. :O I was heavily shocked, since I never knew that until then. :( X( After heavy research and discussions with the members of discord, I came to a final decision, that I will continue using the term "Aryan". :)

My reasoning was:

1. I do not want to give in to the Nazis reality that they own the term or that they think it is the perfect race that humans should become.

2. The Nazis no longer have power over anyone in this world, for, they are long gone and their horrors buried with them.

3. I wish to recover the honor of the term, wherein it was used as an alternate term for the "Pleiadians", an alien race that was far from the evil Nazis in the first place. I read a lot of books about the alien races when I was a child, this is why it is a heavy influence on me and the development of this game. :)

In the end, I will still take part of my responsibility in making a disclaimer that no terms are used as a means of offending nor looking down on anyone of a specific group or ethnicity. :)
saw this on steam. came here to say you have a lot of talent making games. keep it up!
Hello jennyh and awww thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate it a lot! <3
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