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Rave Heart is completed! (Excited for release soon!)

Rave Heart is finally complete! All that's needed now are further testing and of course, waiting on my documents' approval from Steam. I feel like I am literally dreaming right now! To everyone who has helped me in this game's development; you guys are the best! ^_^

I already have a good and trusted friend beta test the first ever initial completed build of Rave Heart! And I will have to work on the Steam processes first before release! :D (Not to mention; all of the needed steam files and stuff for achievements and so on.)

Thank you so much everyone and I hope you all enjoy this announcement! <3


Announcement! Rave Heart Progress!

​Hello everyone! I know this video doesn't show much, but that's the point! XD Im simply here to announce that I have finally finished making Rave Heart's main quest + ending! Now all I have to do is make all the side-quests and side-optional stuff, then unto steam this game goes! :D (though I still need to deal with the documentation stuff needed on Steam direct first) I am super duper excited guys!! ^_^ Hope you guys like this little announcement! :D

Game Design

New Battle System + Video Showcase


I have personally removed the public demo now, mainly because the release version is gonna be vastly different from the public demo version in terms of gameplay! ^_^

Okay, so I know its been long since I've updated or even posted about the game in general. xD :D But yeah, I've been working on it a good deal behind the scenes, and now I had to get rid of the ATB (Sadly), as it was super buggy and just broke the game in the later parts. x(( So I had to implement a new battle system which is Yami's CTB. :) (If you're wondering about the gauge at the top).

Also, I have implemeted Theo's Side View Battle system it was super fun tinkering around the script with action sequences. Though my sequences may not be "god-tier", still they're something haha. xD

Hope you guys enjoy! :D As for game development progress, let's just say I'm working on the maps for all the planned sidequests now, and I'm already on the works for the final main quests. ;) Admittedly, progress have been slower than usual though since I've been busy with job and other irl stuff. But yeah, an update!! ^_^


A little update! ^_^

Hi all! I know I've been gone and haven't been posting some news about my development of this game as of late! But no worries, I do not intend to stop! ^_^

I was busy with some real life stuff, and I'm also currently working on a collab project with Berry on the RMN Twisted Fairy Tale Event here: https://rpgmaker.net/events/halloween18/ . I'm also very excited to share with you guys this collab project soon as we wil be releasing the game either this Oct. 29 or 30. :) Then I can start working on Rave Heart once again. xD :)

Rave Heart is currently on private beta test phase, and I have wonderful and trusted people playing the private beta right now. :) If you wish to give me the honor of being one of my private beta testers, please do not hesitate to ask! ^_^ With that said, I will no longer be uploading Public demos for download. :)

For now, here's a little screenie sneak peak of what's to come! XD


Version 5.0 now available!

Hello everyone!! I am very pleased to present to you all a very big update along with the downloadable new demo: Version 5.0! :)

There have been tons of changes and improvements from the previous, as seen in the changelog. All of this isn't possible without the help and kindness of everyone who gave their support, wonderful feedback, suggestions and criticisms! :) They are always a huge help to my development of this game! :) So thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much for everyone who gave their honest feedback as well as their support! This goes out to all the people who LP'd and reviewed my game! ^_^ And of course, people who shared their support and comments of the game is so much appreciated! :D

Now, without further ado;


Version 5.0 changes:

- Shuttle's sprites have been reverted back to the Space cars.

- Fixed a few typos and grammatical errors.

- Healing items' recovery power has been slightly increased.

- Victory music has been changed.

- Klein's "Kinetics" has been renamed to "Psionics".

- Ellemine's skill "Alter" has been renamed to "Conversion". Icon has also been changed.

- Intro Area has been improved with an added little exploration, dialogue reworks, and some lootable chests.

- Prologue's story and narrative regarding Ellemine's Psi-Exams have been reworked completely in respect to the image of sovereignty.

- Going near the Rave Palace waterfalls will now play some sound effects.

- All music in the game that are .mp3 files have been converted to .ogg files.

- 1 hour of additional gameplay/story content.

Hope you all enjoy!! ^_^

Progress Report

Just a little share of my progress! ^_^

Currently working on the Kunian Planet: Vismel's wildlife!! XD :) Hopefully Chad can keep up with their culture in this planet xDD

Stay tuned, as demo version 5.0 is coming soon! ;) It will have a huge overhaul for the prologue's writing, as well as many significant changes, and more story content! ^_^


Version 4.5 now available!! :D

Hi guys!! Here's another update on the demo for Rave Heart!


- Most arena enemies have been dramatically nerfed.

- Fixed some more tile-set bugs that I missed at some comfort rooms.

- Fixed a bug where the shuttle will sometimes appear as a car in one of the maps in the demo.

- Fixed an unpassable tile found at Dorado.

- A few more story continuation from previous version.

Also, some screeny for you guys:

Poor Veronica, forced to marry the crazy Star-Raiders' leader. Veronica has no say in this cause she was intentionally muted. xD (And yes, that's a wedding in a dance club.)


Version 4.0 is here!! ^_^

Hello everyone!! Version 4.0 is here!! :) It has tons of new content (story-wise) and a few updates and improvements from the previous versions! I have all the reviewers and LPers to thank for the improvements of the game! ^_^


- Intro Maps have been updated.

- Shuttle sprites have been updated (Huge thanks to SmashArt for providing a cool shuttle sprite for the game).

- Menu sound effects have been updated.

- More story content (1 hour extension from the previous demos).

- Astral boosts' sprites have been changed.

- A few tile-set bug fixes.

- Added some cool lighting effects on many of the maps.


Version 3.0 now up!!

Hello guys!! Demo version 3.0 is now up!! ^_^

Here are the changes so far:

- New Intro Scene - A whole tutorial sequence that involves Bryan and Klein, fighting their way to capturing a Farian fugitive. Reasons: This is to add some action and hype at the very start of the game. Since the game is story-driven, I believe that starting out with some gameplay would be a nice touch.

- New skill and item icons

- New skill animations added

- Implemented an arrow pointer as guide for story progression

- Slight adjustments to the battle HUD (ATB bar is now at the lowest section)

- Typo fixes

- Dialogues now uses a different font

That would be all guys!! Thank you so much and I hope that you'll enjoy! ^_^

Progress Report

Little sneak peak update. xDD

Hello guys! It's been long since I've made an update, so here's a little sneak peak of what I'm currently working on with the project. ;)

Hope you liked 'em. ^_^
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