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A little update! ^_^

  • Starmage
  • 10/27/2018 12:15 PM
Hi all! I know I've been gone and haven't been posting some news about my development of this game as of late! But no worries, I do not intend to stop! ^_^

I was busy with some real life stuff, and I'm also currently working on a collab project with Berry on the RMN Twisted Fairy Tale Event here: https://rpgmaker.net/events/halloween18/ . I'm also very excited to share with you guys this collab project soon as we wil be releasing the game either this Oct. 29 or 30. :) Then I can start working on Rave Heart once again. xD :)

Rave Heart is currently on private beta test phase, and I have wonderful and trusted people playing the private beta right now. :) If you wish to give me the honor of being one of my private beta testers, please do not hesitate to ask! ^_^ With that said, I will no longer be uploading Public demos for download. :)

For now, here's a little screenie sneak peak of what's to come! XD


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Glad to hear from you again Starmage. It's always important to balance game related stuff with real life as well.

That is a really brightened and nice looking map you made there! I'm now curious to know how it relates to the story, and more about this location from the story perspective. But, still don't give me any spoilers.
Hello boos405! Thank you so much! ^_^ :D Yes indeed, balancing time is kinda challenging but it has its merits! ;) I was also very busy enjoying working with the collab project that I'm working on with Berry xD :D So excited for its release soon too! :D

And hahah! Do not worry, boos405! There wont be any spoilers in any updates that I do xDD :D Probably just some sneaky peaks like these xD :D
That's true. I think you make good custom side view battler art for characters and I've seen some of Berry's artwork and think it's good too, so that must have been fun for both of you when you can combined your different talents together.

Yes, sounds the best idea, just to not end up with the spoilers. But, at least once the game is finished you can release a video of some of the game. I think for Steam they require a video of some kind, as anything I have searched on there seems to have a video on the store page. Even free games. Most of the game choose to have a trailer, some of the games show a certain part of the game instead, but I think Steam sales can be effected by the presentation so best of luck on that when you finally get there.

Keep going, but don't overdo it!
Hi boos405! ^_^ :) Thank you so much for your kind words! ^_^ And yes, Berry's artistic talents have really helped that game a TON! ^_^ :) :D

And yep! I am also very eager to learn about trailer-making so I can make one soon for Rave Heart as soon as it is done! ;) ^_^ xD Thanks so much! :)

I also will keep going ;) But as you said, I also plan not to overdo things. ^_^ XD
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