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Rave Heart is completed! (Excited for release soon!)

  • Starmage
  • 06/23/2020 05:28 AM

Rave Heart is finally complete! All that's needed now are further testing and of course, waiting on my documents' approval from Steam. I feel like I am literally dreaming right now! To everyone who has helped me in this game's development; you guys are the best! ^_^

I already have a good and trusted friend beta test the first ever initial completed build of Rave Heart! And I will have to work on the Steam processes first before release! :D (Not to mention; all of the needed steam files and stuff for achievements and so on.)

Thank you so much everyone and I hope you all enjoy this announcement! <3


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Congratulations! That's gotta be a good feeling. Thanks for all your hard work.
Thank you so much WheelmanZero!! <3 It is such an amazing feeling indeed!! :) So excited for its public release on steam soon! <3 :)
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