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Version 5.0 changes:

- Shuttle's sprites have been reverted back to the Space cars.

- Fixed a few typos and grammatical errors.

- Healing items' recovery power has been slightly increased.

- Victory music has been changed.

- Klein's "Kinetics" has been renamed to "Psionics".

- Ellemine's skill "Alter" has been renamed to "Conversion". Icon has also been changed.

- Intro Area has been improved with an added little exploration, dialogue reworks, and some lootable chests.

- Prologue's story and narrative regarding Ellemine's Psi-Exams have been reworked completely in respect to the image of sovereignty.

- Going near the Rave Palace waterfalls will now play some sound effects.

- All music in the game that are .mp3 files have been converted to .ogg files.

- 1 hour of additional gameplay/story content.

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