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A Colorful and Viibrant Space RPG Demo

  • Dyluck
  • 04/10/2018 01:55 AM
This review is for Rave Heart, demo version 3.0, and is mostly spoiler free.

Rave Heart is a futuristic sci-fi RPG of the space opera sub-genre. It reminds me a bit of the movie The Fifth Element, which had a very colorful and vibrant setting and story, which this game seems to have as well. It takes place in a galaxy filled with many diverse races, including humans, humanoids, classic roswell type aliens, dragon-like and animal-like species, among others. Futuristic technologies co-exist with some supernatural elements like psychic powers and magic, creating some very intriguing ideas.

The story so far revolves around an upcoming political marriage between the two major Houses of the Humans and a humanoid race with some psychic abilities, known as the Errans. You will get to see the story from the point of view of the young Erran princess and her bodyguard, as well as the young prince of the Humans.

Each of the races have well crafted details and history, such as their notable traits, planetary conditions, political relations, and more. You can learn more details about these things at various points by examining "Learnatorium" panels scattered throughout the setting. These panels are well placed so that you can get the information whenever it piques your interest. I would recommend, however, to have the cancel button go back one "page" rather than exiting completely, so that it's more convenient for the player to browse everything.

A pristine looking area

The maps in this game look very nice, and does a good job of creating a vibrant space setting along with some natural scenery with plant life. The theme of the Errans and their blue/green hair was a nice touch. The music is good as well, and it all comes together very well to create the right sci-fi atmosphere. There are also some spiffy looking custom battlers for the playable characters, with various poses and animations.

The battle system is ATB, and has a system where enemies and skills belong to one of 3 types, which are Physical, Tech, and Ether, and they work in a rock/paper/scissor type fashion. It was a nice little touch that added some thought into attack selection during battles. The dungeons so far were pretty short and simple, and the encounter rate was fair, but it didn't have much in the way of level mechanics, besides pulling one or two switches to open doors. Hopefully, the later dungeons will have a little more content to offer. Other than that, the gameplay was pretty smooth and balanced.

Overall, this was a very nice demo that I enjoyed playing, and it painted a very colorful and interesting universe with many diverse alien races and worlds to uncover. It was a bit cheesy sometimes, but the story and characters were quite charming, and leaves you wanting to find out more about everything going on. I look forward to seeing the finished game, and recommend others to give this demo a try as well!


My favourite parts were Chad in the washrooms, talking to the girl following him around, and his interactions with Milo. Those scenes gave me quite a laugh!



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Wow!! Thank you so much for this detailed and fun-filled review, Dyluck! ^_^ :) I am so happy that you enjoyed the game's races and character interactions, as I too have enjoyed writing them myself! XD :)

And yeah, I am actually still trying to figure out how to make the cancel button in the Learnatorium simply take a step back x( :( I hope to find something soon! ^_^

I am very happy that you were enjoying the details of this game, as I'm doing my best to produce a memorable Sci-fi RPG experience as soon as it is complete! ^_^ It is really an honor that the game has reminded you of classic space operas and movies, that means a lot to me! ^_^ :)

I am all the more inspired now to improve the game and do my best to produce an enjoyable experience for everyone! ^_^ :)You don't know how happy I am to have received this review! :) ^_^

Thanks a lot, Dyluck! ^_^ And the issues you DM'd me were very helpful, so thank you so much once again for them!! :) ^_^
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
You're welcome, Starmage! It really does remind of a fun and quirky space adventure like The Fifth Element. You should also watch that movie if you haven't already.

I think you can use Add Label/Jump to Label for each of the Cancel branches, to help you jump back to different parts in your event page.
Wow!! I am also eager to watch The Fifth Element! XD :) I heard that it's an amazing Sci-fi adventure!! ^_^ :)

And wow, I'll try out the Label commands! Didn't know there are helpful commands such as those haha!! XD :) Thank you so much once again, Dyluck!! ^_^ :)
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