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Looking to spend time with his family, Thomas, a father and former pirate, decides to take his ninja wife, Sapphire, witch daughter, Haylee, and engineer son, Robert, on a road trip to Woodhaven, an outdoor camp he was taken to by his own father in the past.

His family is skeptical to know that they're suddenly being taken on a road trip out of nowhere, but Thomas is determined to make this the best trip of their lives - but it might just end up being the worst.

The Road to Woodhaven is a short story based rpg made for Rpg Maker's 28th birthday event, featuring original character art and a comedic storyline, taking place in a modern world with a fantasy twist - it's a world just like our own, but monsters, magic and evil overlords exist.

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Wow! I've always loved the character designs of the RTP from RM2k/2k3!

This looks fun! :)
I like to think of myself as a sweater knitting granny, but instead of sweaters, I make games. Not great games, but hopefully nice enough to be enjoyed by a handful of people in a small community.
The mapping is very good for RTP :)
Stunning, perfection,exemplary, advanced, kwality
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I do love a man with good vocabulary~~
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