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May 1st 2019

  • zDS
  • 04/16/2019 09:21 PM
4 and a half years. And then...

Insert picture of King Kong dead here.

Assuming the build stuff goes well with steam, I will release the game May 1st 2019. I plan on making a release date trailer and an itch page in the upcoming weeks. Steam achievements have already been implemented.

Exclusively to rmn, I plan on releasing a demo on the same day as Commercial release. The demo will let you play the remade versions of the original 3 trials but it will stop you before you unlock the remaining 80% of the game. I will make sure save files transfer properly to commercial version and that those who played the demo will get the achivement unlocked upon playing.

Cope Island is finally done. Just gotta get it released. Your turn, George R.R. Martin.


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I can’t wait for *looks at smudged writting on hand* Soap Islet
You're magical to me.
Woooooo! :DDDDDDD Congrats! ^_^ You're so close!!!
Congrats! I hope it's success.
The big day is coming! Congrats!
Does this mean Donkey Kong is included in the final release?
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