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Post Release - Marketing Struggle

  • zDS
  • 05/23/2019 09:36 PM
Cope Island: Adrift has been out for a few weeks now.

The reception has been almost non existent as of yet, as the indie game market is quite bloated. Yet, I'm okay with that. All of my games so far had a slow start in that regard. I have a lot to learn with marketing and next time I will do a better job at making an impact from the get go.

I have been emailing let's players keys and review sites. I don't think anyone has bitten yet, but that means I just have to keep trying.

I know I made a game good enough to make an impact if played. I just got to get people playing.

If anyone knows of any communities, even better if not game dev, that might like a zDS like turn based rpg? I am going to try and start giving out some keys to various of communities. Hopefully find people who will enjoy what I have to offer.

And for those who have played my game, reviews on steam would help immensely. If anyone is on the fence, I do have a few spare keys to give.

I plan on writing an afterword blog within next couple of weeks, explaining the ups and downs the 4ish year long journey making this game has been. For now, getting people to play is my goal.

Thank you all for reading!


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I thought this said "Marketing Snuggle" and was hoping for tips on cozying up to key players and media types
Besr Richard Slayer
Boss man, I will give you everything I learn from this strange journey. I got your back. You will be an expert at snuggling the press by the time I'm done.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Poor Cope Island: Adrift. ;( I pray for better marketing in future! A campaign that's able to give you all the hopes, dreams and money your heart desires. And an extra mansion with a big pool.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I can write a review for you, but I'll need two things:

1. A key
2. Time
If you've got a spare key, send me a message. I'll happily review.
I checked your Steam page and it says you have one tag, which is RPG.

I think you're allowed to have a couple more tags that fit the game genre? That probably would make at least a little difference, as people who search stuff on Steam are more likely to find your game, then. (Not trying to suggest Steam alone is the best marketing strategy out there or anything, but where you can improve things such as tags on any of the websites your game is out on, I'd recommend you do).

If you can't think of any tags, for example
Comedy, Surivial, Dungeon Crawler, Surprise, Story Rich, etc.

You can look at some of the tags avilable with RPG's on Stream to get some ideas.

Then, you can do the same on itch.io as well.

I think that will really help you a little bit.
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

My second game on Steam has over passed sales of my first game. Yes, 1 key is marketing, but another important piece is price.

I way overpriced my first game. So, my second game was released at a wayyy lower price and I ended up overselling my first game. (Got back my 100USD too, something I still haven't achieved with my first game.)

Summer Sales is coming soon. If you have a lot of people who have wish listed your game I suggest a 30% sale or something like that.
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