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Cope Island: Secrets Guide

  • zDS
  • 12/23/2019 10:06 PM
Cope Island: Adrift is still 60% off on steam and itch!

Today I finally finished the Cope Island: Adrift Secret Guide! The game has a lengthy amount of secret content you can unlock. Not everyone wants to figure that out on their own. So hope y'all enjoy it!


Going forward, I think I will start writing a Story page that answers some questions or clarifies what answers are up in the air even for me. Believe it or not, I made sense of the whole game's story in my head.

A decent amount of the conclusions of the story are hidden within the secrets. And a lot of it I was purposely vague. But there is a stable story within it all.

I also want to start trying to figure out how to fix some of the really annoying limitations the vx ace battle has. I think I need to find a good way to do a skill confirm question at the end of the turn. And I want to get rid of the annoying "you do not have enough weapon points" for when you can't do standby.

Thanks for reading!


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Well, I didn’t need another reason to play this game again, since I’ve been replaying it about every month, but I’ll take one!
Besr Richard Slayer
The fact you replay my game makes me incredibly happy. Glad you enjoy it!
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