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Year 1097:
War between two clans, the Mortelith Clan from Skysea City and the Valeguard Clan from Dragon's Cove had broke out.
The war raged on for 9 years, and the Northern Islands were being torn apart. House were being blown apart, towns being dragged underground, civilians either chose a side or they were killed.

There were no signs of it stopping, until eventually the Guardian Of Death, King Mortegarde, ended the war with one stroke of his sword, killing the two crooked clan leaders and leaving everybody else to right their wrongs.
King Mortegarde died in the process, and thus the islands were left without a leader, and lived in peace.
It is said that anyone who can wield the War King's Sword will gain the power to start and stop a war with just one stroke.

Present day:
Lake, an everyday swordsman from a faraway island, meets an organisation named V.O.I.D, and teams up with them to attempt to stop a new gang of war criminals from finding Mortegarde's sword and restarting the war.

Latest Blog

It's Been A While

I haven't updated for a few months, which is bad, I know, but a LOT has been going on.
But in the off chance you're interested in this project, you'll be happy to know that It's still very much in progress.
Since there have been no updates, I've decided to drop fairly soon, which will take you from the start of the game to the first major boss.

Currently, I have about half of the second island mapped and I've been planning the story more, and working on building on the characters.
I'll add more screenshots soon and hopefully make a trailer.
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