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"The blistering heat was no match for Kenny and his best friend. It was the summer of 1995 in a small country village, far from any big city. All they wanted to do was go outside and play. But one afternoon, something went terribly wrong..."

Story -

It was nearing 2pm. Kenny and his best friend Stephenson were outside playing in the wild countryside of their neighborhood. They had no care in the world and were enjoying their time off of school. But as the clock struck two, they both suddenly felt a wave of dread. They both felt sick and decided to go home... They split their separate ways and promised to meet again tomorrow. Kenny made his way home but on the trail he encountered a dog. The dog was unusually violent and attacked. Kenny ran away from him, made it to his house and slammed the door shut. Inside he noticed that his dad was walking back and forth mumbling. It was like he couldn't even see Kenny or any surroundings. Kenny ran to the hallway, but noticed his mom was weeping near the wall. Kenny burst into his room and hid under his bed. He began to panic as he heard screams and strange noises...

But as the clock struck 3pm, the noises stopped. It was silent until he heard loud knocks on the door. "Kenny! Open the door! I can't believe you made such a big mess out here" It was his mom and she was blaming him for the destruction his dad caused. But why was she acting like she didn't see her husband make the mess?

The Time is "Off"

- During the game, Kenny and his best friend begin to realize that during certain hours of the day, everything goes to hell. It's up to you to figure out why all humans, animals and even never before seen monsters are going insane.

Could there be more out there than just a tiny country village in the middle of nowhere? Will they even survive the night?

Features -

-All original music and art. Created carefully to fit the unsettling, bizarre and somewhat quirky nature of the game.

-Experience a story set in the mid-1990's from the perspective of best friends. Video stores, playing outside and killing monsters are top priority!

-You can rest until certain hours, but the chosen time won't change until you choose to continue.

-Unique skills unlike any conventional RPG. Your handheld game system can create attacks! How is that even possible?

Latest Blog

The game is complete and ready to download!

After three very long years I have finally finished and released The Disrupted Monarchs. I have never worked harder or longer on any game in my life and I think it was worth every struggle throughout development. It was supposed to be a smaller project to help get more experience and a fanbase, but I just couldn't settle. I had to get my complete vision for the game out there and I hope I achieved that.

So many life events have happened during development and impacted the overall feel of the game, which is something I can't even truly explain. I've learned many new skills with my time making this and truly hope people will enjoy what I created. The final game has over 40 original songs created by me, about 100 enemy sprites and countless other original art assets. I've been using RPG Maker since the early 2000's and this is my first "big" game I've created alone with all original art by me.

I've heard from testing that the game is challenging and I've played it many times over to try to create a balance that is fair, yet offers a rewarding challenge. Expect to take at least 15+ hours to finish everything and I hope I added enough hints within the game to not be frustrating.

It just feels unreal to me that I'm finally done. I hope you guys will try this out and tell me what you think. Lastly, I'd like to thank zds for his amazing feedback and testing which helped me so much.

Now are you ready for EVERYTHING TO GO WRONG? Will time's disruption consume you? The mystery of Windmore County is dark. Kenny and Stephenson are in this alone, but they have to keep moving on.
  • Completed
  • PsiSteve
  • zDS
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/17/2018 05:25 AM
  • 11/03/2021 07:25 PM
  • 01/07/2021
  • 30483
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This game is from the mind of the disturbed soul who introduced me to RPG Maker a million years ago and my partner in crime on Mownt. This time I'm not around to hold back PSISteve's vast imagination. I have no idea what to expect from this game but I do know it will be an experience. Probably consisting of overcoming the odds against vast scumbaggery.
extreme disappointment
good going steveDS
good going steveDS

Shh! Don't tell anybody that I'm actually zds.
Now that you two are divorced does that mean we will get twice the games? ;D
Now that you two are divorced does that mean we will get twice the games? ;D

I'll have to ask the judge! :p
I somehow managed to miss this. I expect a very disturbing and sinister mystery. Features certainly sound great. There's a pinch of Earthbound in this Shin Megami Tensei soup, just to make it more disturbing.
I somehow managed to miss this. I expect a very disturbing and sinister mystery. Features certainly sound great. There's a pinch of Earthbound in this Shin Megami Tensei soup, just to make it more disturbing.

I'm glad you found this, haha. I've been working on this very hard since early last year. Being a parent has significantly slowed me down, but this crazy game will come out hopefully within a few months. I'm happy you compared it to SMT and Earthbound, because I love those series!
Small Update:

Had to make a version 1.1 because I can't spell and I also found a weird SFX glitch which makes the shadow creature have an annoying loud RTP sfx. It's all fixed now, so feel free to update your download to 1.1 any time.
1.2 Update:

Highly recommend downloading the new 1.2 as it adds the RUN option to the main part of battle menu, which makes it much easier to find. I also fixed more typos and a weird battle pop up graphic glitch. It's funny how I find all of this stuff AFTER testing forever and releasing haha.

1.3 Update:

This one was a big one because after realizing that the game was too hard for the average player, I went and rebalanced the game completely making it much easier. So if you downloaded my game before and thought it was too hard, I highly recommend trying again with version 1.3. The game is much more fair now, has better healing options and the enemies aren't as relentless. Hopefully after this more people can enjoy this and I won't have to rebalance again lol. I don't think the game is TOO easy now, just more fair. There are still challenging moments throughout the entire game.

I hope you guys enjoy! and you can always use the older 1.2 if you still crave an evil challenge.
1.4 Update:

-Fixed an issue where you get a game over later if a certain member died during a boss.

-Fixed more typos.

That first issue was goofy. I can't believe I didn't catch it earlier, but it should be good now. :D
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This is such a unique game with an ever-oppressive atmosphere! I will preface this by saying that I didn't anywhere near finish this game (just played the first 2 hours) and I was in a highly sleep-deprived when I streamed this, but it was still so unique and like a fever dream! This is developed by zDS' brother, and for some reason there's... similarities in their games? Both are highly moody, melancholic games, except I think PsiSteve's game here seems to have a higher dose of the surreal and Lynchian. It's like... there's so much here that doesn't make traditional "sense" and the game operates on the flow of its own logic. Supermarkets, and a largely non-linear space that doesn't really have too much direction baked into it? It's funny that even after a couple hours of playing, I didn't know where I was going or how I was progressing. Again, it could have been the sleep deprived state I was in, but hey. I still very much appreciate this game for what it is, even if I'm not sure it's exactly the game I like to play. It doesn't push you in the direction you need to go, so a person with the specific brand of ADHD that I have finds it very difficult to understand where to go at a particular time. Plus, I wanted something perhaps a little more emotional in the story department to latch onto, which is just a personal preference for coherence, perhaps. But then again, it could bring it all together in later sections of the game. Yet, when I think back on it, I can't help but be in awe of what's presented, and definitely think about returning to it, that hazy, surrealistic world of confusion and chaos presented. Love it. Thanks for making this.
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