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The Red Island
Outside of the borders of the Imperial Hegemony, the frontier of Red Island provides a safe haven to those who seek new beginnings. Shedding one's former triumphs and failures, a lonely exile arrives at the port-village of Vyrhnal's Reach to begin a new life... and to become the locus of forces beyond mortal comprehension.

Become embroiled in a world that encourages engagement and exploration. Assist the peoples of Red Island and watch as the world unfolds around you.

The Annals of Torien: Vay'Dara is an open-world roleplaying game inspired by classics like TES: Morrowind.

Game Features
  • Open world gameplay encouraging engagement with the world.
  • Day/Night cycle, including NPC behavior.
  • Experience an epic story fighting for the soul of the island.
  • Open, weaponskill-focused JRPG combat system.
  • Master lifeskills and improve your craft.
  • And much, much more.

Latest Blog

Alpha 0.0.1

Progress has been steady over the past few days, to the point where I am approaching a small milestone of version "Zero-Zero-One." What does this mean and why am I excited?

Zero-Zero-One will be the first true playable version of the game. My intent is to scale very small (2 towns, 2/3 landscape zones; ~80x40ish)in order to test and receive some feedback on mechanic systems and concepts pre-balancing, pre-polish. So what can be expected?

This initial version is designed for base testing of mechanics and concept. I am placing the necessary NPCs, mobs, items and events to create a small playfield consisting of ~4 overland maps, two of which are villages. You will be able to engage in a small number of quests, some repeatable, and explore the smaller area between these two towns.

Features in 0.0.1
  • Character Creator
  • Basic Visual Equip
  • Martial Weapons and Skills
  • Work Order Repeatable Quests
  • Limited Landscape Questing
  • Basic Dungeons
  • Limited Main Quest
  • Reputation Gain/Loss
  • ...and likely more

In addition to the above I hope to be able to add soon:

Hopeful Features in 0.0.1
  • Aether (Magic) System and Skills
  • Equipment Imbuement (Upgrade)
  • Lifeskill Professions (Herbalism, Outfitting and a TBD Third)
  • Improvements to Combat (Visual and Mechanic)
  • Advanced Weaponskills
  • Regional Storylines
  • Factions

Overall, I believe that Zero-Zero-One will be enough for anyone curious to get a very basic and early look at how things begin to come together. While content will be thin for awhile, my aim is to provide a client that allows for about thirty minutes of test. I'm not aiming for continued play past that point.

So this is a somewhat open call! If you're interested in taking a peek under the hood and providing some early, limited feedback please get in touch. Anyone interested at this point gains a spot on my testing roster for all further versions as they come, which should begin to pick up in subsequent version releases quickly.
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