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Alpha 0.0.1

Progress has been steady over the past few days, to the point where I am approaching a small milestone of version "Zero-Zero-One." What does this mean and why am I excited?

Zero-Zero-One will be the first true playable version of the game. My intent is to scale very small (2 towns, 2/3 landscape zones; ~80x40ish)in order to test and receive some feedback on mechanic systems and concepts pre-balancing, pre-polish. So what can be expected?

This initial version is designed for base testing of mechanics and concept. I am placing the necessary NPCs, mobs, items and events to create a small playfield consisting of ~4 overland maps, two of which are villages. You will be able to engage in a small number of quests, some repeatable, and explore the smaller area between these two towns.

Features in 0.0.1
  • Character Creator
  • Basic Visual Equip
  • Martial Weapons and Skills
  • Work Order Repeatable Quests
  • Limited Landscape Questing
  • Basic Dungeons
  • Limited Main Quest
  • Reputation Gain/Loss
  • ...and likely more

In addition to the above I hope to be able to add soon:

Hopeful Features in 0.0.1
  • Aether (Magic) System and Skills
  • Equipment Imbuement (Upgrade)
  • Lifeskill Professions (Herbalism, Outfitting and a TBD Third)
  • Improvements to Combat (Visual and Mechanic)
  • Advanced Weaponskills
  • Regional Storylines
  • Factions

Overall, I believe that Zero-Zero-One will be enough for anyone curious to get a very basic and early look at how things begin to come together. While content will be thin for awhile, my aim is to provide a client that allows for about thirty minutes of test. I'm not aiming for continued play past that point.

So this is a somewhat open call! If you're interested in taking a peek under the hood and providing some early, limited feedback please get in touch. Anyone interested at this point gains a spot on my testing roster for all further versions as they come, which should begin to pick up in subsequent version releases quickly.

Progress Report

Introduction and Current Goals

Hi, I'm Crow! I've been mucking about with RPG Maker for about four years now and I finally feel confident enough to begin to showcase the work I have slowly built up over the past year.

The Annals of Torien: Vay'dara found genesis in my love for slightly older, open-world roleplaying games such as TES: Morrowind. The project found footing in a desire to provide a player with tools, options and open motivations of character improvement while moving through an experience that is deep with roleplay and engagement.

At the moment I have a years worth of casual work under my belt. The project is currently rapidly approaching a "playable" state with the first three, of ~14 total, overland maps complete and two civilization hubs. This should be enough to showcase the base mechanics and systems and begin a process of testing and revision.

Mostly Complete*
  • Base Martial Equipment/Skills
  • Beast Enemies
  • Base Reputation System
  • Skills and skill-ups
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • First Chapter of Main Quest
  • Vryhnal's Horn, Vyrhnal's Reach West, Vyrhnal's Reach East maps.

Pending Features
  • Crafting Professions (3)
  • Aether draw system (magic)
  • Item Imbuement (upgrade)
  • Special Equipment
  • Social Interaction
  • Repeatable Quests (soon!)
  • Main Quest
  • Additional subclass and/or faction skills
  • Overlay additions to maps
  • And plenty I have forgotten...

The current projection for releasing TAoT: Vay'dara is this Autumn. However, it is likely that the project will be in a feature-complete state well-before that point.

The primary work being done at this time is to complete the initial village, which will allow for the scripted background mechanics to be dropped into the other villages creating a vibrant world. I hope to release a playable alpha test demo within the next few weeks once I have hit a few more milestones.

This is Tagged Commercial?
Why yes it is! Though this is not set in stone at the moment. My intent with the project was never to release commercially, however an opportunity has arisen which may allow for just that. Commercial release requires a number of markers for my own comfort, including overall quality. I intend on finishing this game and releasing it, with the potential model worked out closer to the work being complete. It is likely this will end up as a non-commercial work, as it was originally intended.

Lastly, feel free to ask any questions or make any comments on the state of things. Current screenshots are not indicative of the intended final product, as overlays and filters have yet to be added and maps may be re-mapped as necessary.
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