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  • N0ught
  • 04/30/2018 09:37 AM
Well it has been a little while, and it was brought to my attention that the initial release was slightly frustrating on a few points, so I am currently working on a fix version with some possible new features, including:

* We needed a new font. Badly. I found one I really like - it fits the atmosphere nicely, and is extremely legible.
* The intro cannot be skipped. This will be fixed, and looks great so far with the fix.
* Opening dialogue edited slightly yo reflect Faith being tired instead of fired up. Makes sense. Her stress has not yet begun at this point...
* A new class that does not use weapons, and instead gets some nice stat curves, and can dual-wield Carry-On and Self-Defense items: the Strangler. This just makes sense on so many levels, and I only have to decide how to present it - it may wind up being a hidden Class, accessed by a number of choices in the game.
* I am going to avoid adding too much to the story at this point, and focus instead on play-ability.

... And it wont take me long! Wait for it...

Wait for it...