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Fatal Attractions

  • N0ught
  • 05/04/2018 06:01 PM
The new version of Norm is released and available - the changelog is at the end of the main post, since I don't want to accidentally spoil anyone here. I have officially dubbed this the first Beta version, because I say so.

Pretty much all the main features are in, and after this update there will be a lot of focus on the story - which did not get touched this time around. This update was all about improving play-ability - and with new features like an Introduction that can be skipped, Murder count, and the Affinity system to keep track of trends in Norm's "antisocial behavior" - I think I hit that mark nicely. The enemies have more hit points, and so battle lasts longer too - good luck fighting your way to Trump this time around, but kudos if you make it!

I also fixed several unsightly bugs, and I think you will agree the new font makes it all pop.

And scream...

~ N0ught