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Another quick fix...

  • N0ught
  • 05/07/2018 05:27 AM
Alright, so the Affinity system is finally working properly. I also noticed that if you saved after killing the female clerk in S-Mart the male clerk moved back to his original position. This has also been fixed. Also removed the Police Officer from the Investigator troop - this makes them seem a bit more overconfident, and also makes it easier to slip into the other half of the game.

I will try to be this forthcoming about fixing bugs in the future, even if we get a new build every night. And if anyone finds anything out of place, especially typos (the bane of my existence), please let me know.

All criticisms accepted duly as well, but fair warning: there is a reason for almost everything I have done in this game - right down to slight tensions in dialogue. So if you ask why something is the way it is, be prepared for an explanation - and I do love discussing it all.

Norm is meant to be an experience from many perspectives people would rather forget about altogether. Therefore, much of the game is meant to evoke a response from those perspectives as well - Norm is about the humanity in the monster, and the monster in humanity.

So pull up a chair, and put on your best noose. I will get around to you all eventually.

~ J