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The Shooty and the Catfish Progress Report: 03/30/2018

It has been a huge week and I have been nowhere near as productive as I would like. It feels awful…

Most of my free time this week was actually spent watching a miniseries from 1980 with my family about Australian crime hero Ned Kelly called “The Last Outlaw”. Well worth checking out if you are into period dramas (and the work of George Miller since he directed 2 episodes). Why am I talking about it? Well partly as an excuse but also because Shooty and the Catfish wouldn’t be a real game set in Australia if I didn’t have a reference to him somewhere, and by golly there will be.

That doesn’t mean nothing was acheived, I did manage to get the games second dungeon mapped out which means I am now past where I was in the demo in terms of mapped areas which is super exciting! The second dungeon is actually only half the size of the games first dungeon. To some people that might seem odd, but I like the way Shadow of the Colossus keeps you on your toes about the size of its Colossus and its something I like the idea of replicating here with my dungeon designs.

I am also thinking about making the game more linear than I was first planning, but thats a topic for another blog me thinks.

Now I can talk about this weeks set of level designs, its for an area called Cambelltown Towers, or Area 3. This particular are is a little more varied than the previous 2. The first zone in the area takes place in a series of office cubicles in a long defunct office building. As you can see in the level design layouts its a very modular zone with a lot of individual rooms to explore. Some will of course house treasure, others battles. Being a modular area in terms of design I thought it would be a good zone to experiment with a good old fashioned key hunt in mind. Thats not a mechanic I am overly fond of generally speaking, but I think having one zone in the game based around the idea should be okay as long as I dont overdo it.

The areas second zone has you travelling outside of the building and venturing from the top of one sky scraped to the next while having to traverse a swamp of the decomposed bodies of all the business people who commited suicide during a great calamity (probably related to the stock market) in the middle. So many jumped the bodies formed what is practically a lake. It probably smells really good down there I imagine.

What awaits at the end of the third and shortest zone? I don’t actually know yet aside from a boss fight. Probably something business related.

Thats it for this week, I will have a new screenshot to share tomorrow for Screenshot Saturday. My work schedule has also changed going from 3 days a week to 4 days a week which has also had an impact on how much I can work on the game as well as when I can blog about it, but rest assured, I will soldier on!

Until next week! ~ <3