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The Shooty and the Catfish Progress Report: 04/13/2018

Whelp, I accidently let a few weeks slide on by without an update, shame on me!

But fear not lovely people, for I come bearing good news!

Yes indeed I have been super active and as you can see below, have fully mapped 2 new zones since the last update. All in all this means the mapping for the games first area is now finally fully completed! (Aside from some assets like statues that will be designed later to fit in with each areas boss). As such as I thought it appropriate to share the final mapping (externally anyway, theres plenty hidden inside the buildings) for the games tutorial area which has been shrunk significantly since the demo, as well as the first 4 zones/dungeons.

Having been working on these castle areas for around a year now I can not put into words how excited I am to finally move onto some truly new environments, with Area 2 being a mix of an out door mining area, the inner cave system of the mine and finally an ancient underground temple. Bricks and forests are fun, but they can get old after a while.

The next couple of months updates will more than likely be a bit spotty. Im working a lot of extra hours at the moment and during May I will be almost completely absent from the project as I will be on holiday.

In the mean time I hope you keep following me and await whatever is coming in my next update. Thank you all for your incredible support of this project!