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The Shooty and the Catfish Progress Report: 07/14/2018

Its that time again folks! Lets dig into this weeks progress.

The games first dungeon is complete (aside from lore text atleast). I am pretty happy with how it has come out. All of the content from the demo has now been carried over and refined into the main game (the level layouts and some of the enemies are also completely different to what was found in the demo). This means going forward everything I touch going into the game will be brand new content which is super exciting.

From this point on in the game really opens up allowing you to travel to either Area 2, 3, 4, 5 OR Area 1 Zone 2. Its up to you really. I imagine most players will either push on into Area 2 or Area 1 Zone 2 and thats how I plan on balancing the game. That said if you didn’t use much ammo in the game theres nothing to stop you from going to the later zones and picking up a far more powerful weapon and completely breaking the games balancing if you know what your doing, at least thats the idea. If you try to do it with just your melee weapon though your going to have a bad time…

I think this next week I will focus on Area 1 Zone 2 as it is quite small compared to Area 1 Zone 1, it is however rather dense despite its small size so maybe it will end up being more work than I expected. I guess time will tell…

Until that time, thanks for following the project!

Peace out and have a good one ~ <3