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Shooty and the Catfish - Episode 1: 1.2 Update

Hello everyone, without Shooty and the Catfish Episode 2 looking at a hopeful release on October 1st I thought it was a good time to update Episode 1 with a few quality of life improvements from Episode 2, along with some other small tweaks. You can find the full list of patch notes below.

- Correct Battle Backgrounds will now display for both Cordybiceps and Mr Millipede.
- Doors have now been updated visually to clearly show if they are an elevator door or require a small/big key.
- The optional boss fight has been rebalanced.
- Pistol ammo store price has been reduced from 5 gold to 3 gold.
- Clearer direction is given after defeating Mr Millipede.
- An icon now appears above your bed once you have defeated Mr Millipede, activating it will ask if you want to end the game immedietely or if you would like to go take care of the optional boss/figure collection sidequest. If this side quest is completed the game will automatically end.

I hope you look forward to playing Episode 2 as much as I look forward to releasing it.