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In the isolated town of Karonna, there was a young boy named Faint. Born as a half-Elf, half-Fairy, his compassionate nature lead him to dream of serving the people of Karonna. With the assistance of his friends, Rue and Kailah, he forms his own guild.

With monsters attacking the people of Karonna continuously, Faint's new guild is put to the test. Can they prove their worth to the mayor, and overcome this challenge? What other challenges could await them?

- A Short, simple and fun 2 hours long game
- Engaging strategic free turn based battles
- Simple story-line with themes about friendship, faith and determination
- Small but beautiful areas to discover
- Colorful and fun characters to get to know with

Game Trailer (Remastered):

Hard Reset's LP Stream of Elf's Diary (Pre-Remastered):

Latest Blog

UPDATE! 2.5 is now up!

Hello everyone! I have simply decided to update Elf's Diary as a sort of distraction while patiently waiting for Rave Heart's release on steam soon. ^_^ :) Some people have told me that the gameplay was too easy to exploit, so I have decided to change that at least, and work on some balancing stuff as well, so that the enemies can be more challenging, but not as ultra-hard as the original version. :) Hope you all enjoy! <3


Remastered 2.5 Changelog:

- Many balance changes which are,
- Spammable aoe spells are no longer exploitable, as their damage output has been decreased by 40%
- Enemies and most especially the bosses have been buffed up a bit, as some players have told me they've become extremely underpowered after the nerfs due to some people stating that the original game was too difficult... Now I've given the bosses some buff in difficulty, but shouldn't be too hard as the original.
- Maximum Action Points have been reduced to 8. (From 10)
- Changed many of the dialogues to sound less "obnoxious" or "vulgar".


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Medium RPG. Mapping is limited to mostly RTP but is pretty good. Story was typical, you start a guild and sequentially start clearing the dungeons around the town, while other various events happen. The narrator who was only present in the beggining was kinda obnoxious. The main character for some reason ends up in what can be considered as a harem anime plot. He's too clueless for it though. Dont worry it's not a major element of the story anyway.

The Game itself can be quite rough until you can solidify your battle strategy. Speaking of which, you better have a good strategy. There are no random encounters, all battles are fixed and nonrespawning (grinding is impossible). This means you have limited resources to get thru the bosses, so you better spend your money wisely. I'd say the first boss is the most difficult in the entire game, at this point you are just starting out, without anything good, and you're up against Crit Shaman and his 2 friends. It's mostly a luck battle. If your lucky you can tank it out and defeat the first boss but if you luck is poor, you will get one-shotted by Crit Shaman and his oneshot crits (he has multiple turns.) Here's a hint. Forget his friends, kill Crit Shaman as fast as possible or you will eat flashing numbers and kiss the dirt.

Anyway the dungeons are pretty simple. All the fixed encounters are placed at chokepoints so you gotta fight them. In fact you should probably fight all of them so you can be as strong as possible. The regular battles are designed to be challenging as the enemy party is meant to be equal in strength to you. One thing I was annoyed by was having to constantly go back home to use the healing bed. If your gonna have fixed, nonrespawning battles with equal strength enemies, you should probably heal me after every battle. Though you do get healed by leveling up which is guaranteed at the lake. I also noticed that protagonist never learns any group heals beyond the little regen thing, that's pretty sad when later bosses are firing off blizzards left and right. The game is tough but I managed to get thru it thanks to my cheap strats.

My cheap strats
I lost some money when one early party member leaves with his equipment (permanently), which is bad for a game that has limited resources. Initially I bought a better staff and armor for the mage to kill enemies fast with group targeting magic, but that wasnt too strong. Anyway later I just went and bought the best axe in the shop and proceeded to have the tank taunt followed by buffing the axe fighter as high as possible. Cleave was useless but strong attack did about 800-1000 per hit, it made everything in the ruins very easy. The lake was pretty tough due to all the blizzard spam but after dying a few I found the tank's stun attack to be very helpful against the bosses. The final boss was easier than the lake boss, thankfully. Oh, and getting 10 turns is pretty much mandatory.
Hello bicfarmer! WOw thank you so much for playing the game and for your very detailed feedback! ^__^ This really helps give other players an overview of the game and you've pretty much figured out the game. xDD

As for the party member leave, yeah, it is kinda my bad. xD But don't worry, I've put the frequent donations of the people in the gold (with huge golds) to compensate for whatever the player has bought him with. :)

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to figure out the game and give your detailed feedback, bicfarmer. :)

Oh, btw, What version of the game were you able to play?
no prob, I just downloaded it today so I'm guessing the 2.0V

And yeah I basically stopped buying stuff after getting the axe so I might be holding to much money
Ahh! I see! It's great that you have version 2.0. :)

Again, I'm glad that you've finished the game bicfarmer. ^_^ and it's good to know that you were abundant in gold at the later parts of the game. (As I've purposely made it so. xD)
Need help to be able to go yo ftozen lake. Cannot find Kailha
Hi fifacv! Thank you for playing! ^__^

Here it is:
You can find Kailah at Standor Ruins :) Then you'll be able to proceed with the story after there. xD
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Do you have any tips on how to beat the second main boss(es)? (The one you get to using the cross) He keeps absolutely wrecking me in like two turns, and even the stuff he's weak to does practically nothing. I feel like I might be underleveled, but I actually fought every enemy so far.
Hi Frogge, thank you so much for playing the game! ^_^ As for the second boss, my advice would be this:

1. At the very start of the turn, make sure Faint has increased all of your party's agility to have greater advantages in terms of action points later on.:)

2. Have Faint use Thunder strike multiple times on the fish mutant until it dies, that way, you'll be free from the AOE caster as soon as possible. :)(Given that you bought Faint a strong weapon, either way, finishing the fish mutant first in this battle is a must xD). While the fish mutant is still alive, it is best to play kinda defensive while focusing on bringing it down first. :)

3. Next, you can then start finishing off the boar with thunder/fire attacks. Once both the minions are dead, the Centaur should be easy enough to take down.

Hope that helps, Frogge! ^_^ Enjoy! :)
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh geez, I forgot buying weapons was even a thing. Guess that explains why I'm so weak. Thanks a lot for the help! :D
It is completely understandable, Frogge! You're welcome and enjoy! ^_^ Go give that boss the beating it deserves. xDD
Damn for two hours game I have died a lot. The battles are not impossible per se but you sure have to master the party system to not die all the time. Interesting choice with scripted fights giving a lot of money rather than slow grind with random enemies but makes many fights hard AF. Still managed to complete game so I can t say the difficulty is killing joy of game. Plenty of cool texts to be found make it a pleasure to explore. Just a tiny little bitching about desire to more people would say something diffrent after each adventure. Overallly it was a pleasure to play it even if with occasional swear. Hope to see more creations from you.
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I love how Faint is so innocent and clueless whenever adult situations or comments come up =P

"Those are some nasty chicks!" LOL
@zenla - Hello zenla and I'm so happy that you were enjoying the game despite the difficulty xDD And thank you so much for your kind words. ^__^ Ahaha, I sure bet it feels quite an achievement though that you've made your way out of the strategic battles, great job! ;)

@Dyluck - Hello Dyluck, ahahaha! Yup, Faint really is THAT innocent. xDD This is what made him a very lovable character for me to write. xDD He'll be put into more situations like that, too. ;)
The game had nice difficulty, party learned new skills very often, preventing the game from getting weary. One thing I didn't like was, that you don't get healed after battles - you had to decide, go whole way back to home to heal, use potions or try to samehow win the next battle with few MP. It would be interesting if in next game party members changed once in a while to prevent player from using the same strategy only with few nuances over and over again.
Hi Bory!! Thank you so much for playing the game! ^_^ I'm glad that you enjoyed the gameplay and that the difficulty was nice to you. :)

Yeah, I should've made the party heal every battle and I agree with you. Don't worry though, the game will have guaranteed level-ups in mostly every battles (most especially in the later parts of the game), which means you'll be recovering a lot, since the game recovers the character after every level up. :)

And I get where you're coming from with being able to change party members. ;) hopefully I will deliver that in my future games. ;)
love your artwork. Keep it up.
Hi flurry!! Oh my! Thank you so much! And I'm happy that you loved the artworks! <3
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