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UPDATE! 2.5 is now up!

Hello everyone! I have simply decided to update Elf's Diary as a sort of distraction while patiently waiting for Rave Heart's release on steam soon. ^_^ :) Some people have told me that the gameplay was too easy to exploit, so I have decided to change that at least, and work on some balancing stuff as well, so that the enemies can be more challenging, but not as ultra-hard as the original version. :) Hope you all enjoy! <3


Remastered 2.5 Changelog:

- Many balance changes which are,
- Spammable aoe spells are no longer exploitable, as their damage output has been decreased by 40%
- Enemies and most especially the bosses have been buffed up a bit, as some players have told me they've become extremely underpowered after the nerfs due to some people stating that the original game was too difficult... Now I've given the bosses some buff in difficulty, but shouldn't be too hard as the original.
- Maximum Action Points have been reduced to 8. (From 10)
- Changed many of the dialogues to sound less "obnoxious" or "vulgar".


Remastered version 1.5 is now up!

Remastered version 1.5 is now available for download! ^_^ Along with it, I made a short trailer that I hope you guys will enjoy! XD :)


Remastered 1.5 Changelog:

- KO'd party members are still gonna be able to acquire EXP after battles.

- Added a secret boss fight that you can find within one of the dungeons.

- Defeating the secret boss will make the final boss a little bit harder.

- New skills for the party (Post-Secret boss fight)

- New rare items on the shop (Post-Secret boss fight)

As a bonus! Here is also an awesome art done for Faint by a good friend of mine from RMW: Finnuval! <3 ^_^ And I love how it turned out! :D


Elf Diary REMASTERED now out! :D

Hello everyone! I am so pleased to announce that Elf's Diary Remastered is now released! :D I've always been thinking about what I can improve more on the game, as I felt quite unsatisfied with this little game's results on it's previous release. So during the weekends, whenever I'm free, I decided to spend 'em reworking a lot of stuff for this game. Thanks also to our very wonderful reviewers, I have updated the game and tried to change every issue I can. :) The remastered version involves new things like face-sets, battle sprites, music and etc. :) I'll detail it on the changes below! I hope everyone will enjoy Elf's Diary Remastered, and please don't hesitate to leave your feedback! ^_^ :) Enjoy! :D


- Game now runs in 640x480 resolution.

- The game now has "Options" as seen on the system command at the ingame menu.

- All new ingame music (No longer copyrighted stuff).

- Ingame doors now work differently and appropriately.

- New ingame icons!

- Free-action battle system now uses new action points icon.

- Fixed a few typos and tiling errors.

- New static sprite battlers for all playable characters.

- Implemented new face graphics for everyone.

- Removed the Narrator voice at the intro scenes.

- Slightly strengthened all player elemental spells.

- Slightly weakened all enemies at the first dungeon.

- Final boss difficulty has been slightly increased.

- Added a new scene for the ending.

- Game thread/page now has detailed descriptions for all of the important/significant characters in the game for your lore-viewing pleasures.

Thank you so much! Feedback are always welcome! :D


Elf's Diary Version 2.0!

Hi guys! Here's another update for Elf's Diary! ^_^ This is a whole bunch of bug fixes that I've missed on the previous version, hopefully, they have all been eliminated now and that this will be the final update. xD Don't worry, if you have a save from the previous version, it should still work if used in this version. :)


Version 2.0

- Big fixes on Church, where a party member speaks when he/she still isn't supposed to be in the party.

- Removed the Paralyze effects on the Lamia Boss' attacks, as I have mentioned on the previous update, Paralyze and sleep effects are to removed completely in the game to remove game-breaking errors.

- More dialogue improvisations.

- New item sold by the rare merchant (Forgot to mention in the previous version).

- Final boss difficulty increased by a little

- Windowskin's color has been adjusted to make it less bright.


Elf's Diary Version 1.5 is now up!

Hi guys!! I've updated the game to do some improvements to the mappings and some error fixes! ^__^

Version 1.5

- Maps from interiors to exteriors have been updated and improved.

- Lighting strength on the town has been reduced, while Ayala forest's lighting has been removed completely.

- New title screen

- There will no longer be states such as Paralyze and Sleep on the game, this is to remove game errors that were specifically connected to these states. (Script issues)

- A few dialogues have been rewritten.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me with their feedback on my mapping as well as some useful tips and advice. You all know who you are. ^_^


Tribute to RPG maker's 28th bday! ^__^

Hello guys! In God’s goodness, here’s another short 2 hours long RMVXace game that I made while I paused development on Rave Heart for a while. xD This short is made as an entry for the RPG maker 28th birthday, Full game category. :) I really enjoyed making this game and I sure hope that you guys will also enjoy playing it. ^_^
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