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The Maze is the place where those who fail to defeat him are thrown. It is place of darkness and hopelessness. However, if you are able to face the Maze, you may have a second chance at facing him and saving someone you love.

The story of Maze of Heroes is a pretty linear, straight forward one. Your protagonist, Alrick, has failed to defeat the evil wizard, Piranos, and has been sentence to the dreaded Maze of heroes. Upon waking up he meets Sandra and Mitchel who also share his fate. Together they set out to tackle the maze and have a second chance against Piranos.


1) A different take on a dungeon crawler. You start at the last room and have to go through the dungeon to unlock the final door.
2) Permanent Dead enemies. Once you defeat a group of ememies, they are gone permanently. (I think i messed this up with the legendary oops)
3) Imteresting characters and a story to save some thing precious.
4) Only 3-4 hour gameplay. You can play in one sitting if you want.

Maze of Heroes was created 3 years ago under the name ahillreborn and there was planned to be a 3 game story arch. I am re-releasing the game because I will be beginning work on Maze of Heroes 2 and I want you guys to see where the story began.

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Downloaded this game several years ago from THIS site. Old link was https://rpgmaker.net/games/4219/

Any reason for re-posting?
As I said in the description, I originally posted this as ahillreborn three years ago. The old game had been deleted. Since I have decided to start work on part 2, I felt it was more fitting to put it back up under Werepanda83. If I could I would delete ahillreborn but I don't think its an option.
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Downloaded... I'll try it out this week and write a review for it.

Update: 3/19/2018 - I've played the first two mazes so far. I'm recording it for a Let's Play. Will do some more throughout the week.
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