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Blade of Acrimony ver1.41

Price: FREE

Language: English

Get it on Steam here!
Or Itch.io!

“Blade of Acrimony” is a Psychological Horror Rpg where you take control of Sora and follow her on her downward spiral into insanity.

Blade of Acrimony uses a classic bone crunching turn based battle system where it's just you against the enemy some times even just one on one.

The game has 7 endings, all of which can be obtained in a single run. The total gameplay time is around 4-5 hours, more if you're trying to get more then one ending, and even more if you die over and over again.

If you're not okay with viewing the following things, you may not enjoy this game.
-Religious Undertones.
-Non Realistic Blood.
-Implied Physical and Mental Abuse.
-A Very Small amount of Pixel Gore.


In a time long forgotten, a sinister sword falls from grace into the mortal realm, screaming for help for thousands of years. One day, a travesty occurs! A young woman of faith finds the blade lodged in the earth. The vile weapon speaks to Sora, tricking her into believing that he is her Lord, and that she must “save” the mortal world from sin by become the new savior. She agrees and the journey starts starts

Latest Blog

Blade of Acrimony V1.41 Update

Just a smol update.

--Fixed some spelling/grammar errors.
--Added a helpful save spot.
--Fixed an end game music bug
  • Completed
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  • Frostnoble
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/22/2018 11:37 PM
  • 04/15/2019 04:45 PM
  • 11/03/2018
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You waste your breath mal'ganis. I heed only the voice of Frostmourne now.
Hello! This was a very fun game to play! But I felt really guilty and bad all over x(( It reminds me of Undertale's genocide route. x(( But wow, I really love the concept and idea of this game. xD

Btw, I keep dying on the first boss (the siblings). Is there any way I can beat them or do I have to grind somewhere? (Btw, all the other townsfolk are also very difficult to kill lol.)
I don't want to just tell you the solution so I'll just give you a hint. There are 4 townsfolk between fighting Rachel and the siblings, and I designed it so there's a good (but not required) order to fight them in. I won't tell you the whole
order, but fight the fisherman first and fight Krista last.

Also, there's a fight between the dog and the mugger, it's hidden.
ok maybe 'cute' isnt the word i should use to describe it but it DOES look cute
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