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Blade of Acrimony V1.41 Update

Just a smol update.

--Fixed some spelling/grammar errors.
--Added a helpful save spot.
--Fixed an end game music bug


Blade of Acrimony V1.4 Update

Super important battle update time!

--Sora get's a new skill at LV 15:

Thunder Whirl:
A powerful electric attack that numbs the target!
Can't be countered, but can be parried!
Cost 35DP, and will cause paralysis for 1-2 turns 100% of the time.

--Sora's tragedy skills have been buffed.
--Some dialog/spelling/plot holes fixes.
--A new graphic for the stupid old ship.
--A message before the first boss about eating souls.

Note: Old saves won't work with the new update, sorry about that...


Blade of Acrimony V.1.3

It’s been a while since I posted the release of Blade of Acrimony here, but the game has gone through three updates, and I thought I would share what has been fixed:

Version 1.1:

–Make Restrained Blade better.
–Removed a problematic song.
–Some grammar fixes.
–Some enemy nerfs.
–The Disarmed state only last for 1 turn instead of 3.
–A bug with the Superboss encounter.
–Telling the player about the 100 DP skillset.
–A game breaking glitch bug with the Shopkeeper.

Version 1.2:

–Most encounters have their evade rates lowered, or removed all together.
–The Superboss has different music, for plot/lore reasons.
–A weird UI glitch that I may have caused with the first update is fixed.

Version 1.3:

--Shawn and Hazel's encounter puzzle is obvious now.
--Luna's 1 hit kill first move is now telegraphed.
--The final boss's DP drain move is less powerful.
--Blocking now boosts your DP by 10 instead of 5.
--Some spelling fixes and a plot hole resolved.
--A weird bug with the final boss.


Blade of Acrimony Price Drop!

Blade of Acrimony is now only $4.99 and will stay this price for the foreseeable future!!


Blade of Acrimony is now on Steam!

After so much waiting and planing, Blade of Acrimony is now on Steam, and it's on sale until January 7th.


Blade of Acrimony is Completed!

After 3 years of development, Blade of Acrimony is finally finished and launched! I never thought I would see the day.
I hope everyone enjoys the full game.


Long time no see

Hey guys, haven’t used this blog very much, but, I thought you would all like to know that Blade of Acrimony is VERY close to being completed and ready for release. It has 5 acts with about 6-7 hours of gameplay in it. All the graphics have been enhanced since the demo was launched and it now has a complete soundtrack.

You can see some more, up to date, screenshots of the game at my main game blog: https://frostnoble.tumblr.com


Hello and some warnings

Hello, and welcome to Blade of Acrimony.

I finally got around to posting my game on this side, and I hope this lets more people to play and share their options about my game.

The final version of Blade of Acrimony will have a warning screen before the game starts. But the demo lacks this.
So if you are not good with the following, this game might not be for you:

–religious undertones

The game's not super scary or gory by any means, but there is some of it,so warnings are needed.
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