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Kickstarter coming mid to late June 2018!

Download the demo today!

Infinite Mana is a modern, open world RPG with a classic aesthetic along with light sandbox features and glitch mechanics set in the immense magickal world of Arukea. It has a unique design that pays tribute to classic RPGs from the 8/16-bit eras through its style and subtle nods to gameplay, but with an emphasis on modern game design elements. The soundtrack consists of both chiptune and instrumental genres, blended together to make a truly unique experience.There are many features including a large, nearly boundless world to explore, a plethora of mini-games, a crafting and gathering system, and character customization through a unique class system.

The world of Arukea is a diverse collection of the dreams of many different races, each fighting with magic and technology for their beliefs in an endless struggle for power. The Arcadian Empire owns the North, while the Free Cities fight to remain free in the South. An ocean known as Elazul is covered with a mist, barring any crossing to the Far West for over a millennium. A Colossus sits upon the Edge of the World, staring down into a dark void that none have returned from. A Blight appears from the High North, consuming all as it expands.

  • Follow an engaging story full of mystery, humor, and magicks - immerse yourself in the encyclopedic lore of the magickal world of Arukea.

  • Stray from the story to make your own adventure by helping people in need or to further your own goals, changing the course of events and how characters treat you. But beware, you cannot please everyone.

  • Battle a host of deadly foes with a modernized old-school-like turn-based battle system where you can exploit enemy weaknesses, buff allies, and debuff enemies with menacing skills, powerful magic, and summoned creatures that help in battle.

  • Unlock 20+ different classes by donning special Guises, each with their own unique mechanics both in and outside of battle, like the cunning Rogue who can debilitate enemies as well as pick locks, find hidden treasure, and steal, to the shape-shifting Warden who can turn into animals at will to aid their party and discover hidden paths, to the deadly Vodouist who debilitates and "persuades" foes with their magickal dolls.

  • Explore a large variety of dungeons and biomesincluding (but not limited to) mysterious high-technology ruins, dangerous underworlds, underneath a coral reef, or atop a floating continent in the sky and solve a variety of puzzles to get to your destination ranging from “that was supposed to be a puzzle?” to “HELP I NEED A FAQ”.

  • Become a Relic Seeker and discover powerful ancient relicsthat grant the user powers and change how the game is played. These relics may often look like ordinary objects, such as a lantern that can steal light from other light sources or a mystical (yet annoying) trumpet that will shoot you out of the forest.

  • Interact with your environmentto bypass obstacles through the use of tools and knowledge such as the hookshot to jump from one place to another, to magic that can freeze lakes and blow up rocks, to playing music to open magically sealed doors.

  • Employ character-specific knowledge and traitsto turn a conversation in your favor. You can even learn new languages to speak with the locales!

  • Mine ore, pick herbs, chop down trees, poach monsters, and go fishingin order to craft your own items and equipment. Participate in rare monster hunts to obtain ingredients to create the most powerful gear.

  • Utilize the power of the Blight to glitch the game to your advantage. Use these glitch powers to mend the world or even break existing elements within the game. Be careful, as this otherworldly power is not without its misfortune.

  • And much more, including a variety of mini-games, many different mounts to use as you explore the world, heists to steal ancient relics, and building homesteads and towns to call your own.

Download the demo today!

Latest Blog

Infinite Mana (Demo v1.1.2)

Demo v1.1.2
- Fixes/Small Additions:
- Added a new small area to Undersetsu.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't access the menu after seeing a part of Zwei's story. If you were impacted by this, please download this new version and head to a save point in either Densetsu Village or Town of Lyset.
- Fixed a bug where Score kept showing with each map change.
- Fixed some display issues with the Mooka mount.
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  • 02/28/2018 06:15 AM
  • 06/21/2018 04:30 AM
  • 04/01/2019
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