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Updated Cinnamon's dialogues

Hi! It’s been a while since I released Dream of Gluttony, and I received a lot of opinions regarding Cinnamon. It became clear to me, that my writing was unclear and that I wasn’t able to convey Cinnamon’s character properly.

I received some help regarding this topic and decided to rewrite that part of the game. I want to make it more clear, and make sure that it won’t offend anyone, since it wasn’t my intention.

You can view the main changes here:



Updated the game, so now you can dash through maps (not the last map and cementery)!

Hope you will enjoy more because of this feature ^^!


Planning updates

I just made some quick doodles for Dream of Gluttony ^^!

Also, I am working on the next version of the game! I decided to update some instructions for mini games, to make them more clear, and for the second part of game to create levels for mini games, because some people told me that they aren’t able to finish the game because of it.

Do you think I should update something more? Let me know if you have any ideas!




I’m super happy and excited, to present you a project of 2 years of my hard work! Dream of Gluttony is finished, and ready to play!

I hope you will enjoy this story! All graphics, designs, the whole plot and characters were created by me. Also my friend created original music for this game, so you should check her out! ->Nemi <-

I will be really happy to read any feedback, and generally your opinions! So feel free to text me ^^!

Thank you for keeping up with the development <3!

Progress Report


The last character! Please welcome Chili!

This is it guys! game is almost done, I am now in a testing phase ^^! I’m planning to release the game around 8.07, so get ready everyone!

I’m super happy that so many people stick with me until the end ^^! Hope you will enjoy a final product!

The next post is going to be release of Dream of gluttony! Can’t wait for it!

Game Design


Here’s Cinnamon! What do you think about this cutie? ^^

For now I’m really slow with a progress, because of all the exams that I have, but still - I want to finish this game until the end of june! *n* Only one mini game guys!

So when I finish it, i will probably make a post about looking for some testers, I hope that I will find here someone interested in it ^^!

Thanks for keeping up with Dream of Gluttony everyone! <3

Progress Report


Meet Milk! He is calm, adult type of character. You can always ask him for the advice!

I must say, that I’m pretty worried about the last mini game I have to finish. It will be the most difficult one, and I’m affraid I won’t be able to make it good enough, because I can’t write scripts in Ruby yet, and this mini game is going to be pretty advanced I think.

Well, I hope that I can create it only with events ^^”. I will give my best to make this game enjoyable! (Also I’m so close to the end, I’m getting hyped!><)

Progress Report


Meet Strawberry! It’s difficult to be friends with someone as energetic as her, but it’s definitelly worth it!

As for my game, I’m really close to the end! Only 3 maps, 2 minigames, 3 illustrations and some dialogues more!

Also, I’m super happy to announce that my friend, Nemi, who was making the music for Dream of Gluttony, finished all tracks! They are all really amazing! Since it woul’d be a spoiler to show them now, she will publish it after the realease of the game ^^! Hope you will like it!

Progress Report


Meet new character - Grape!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re all good ^^!

For me, this year will be really something. I want to finish Dream of Gluttony around summer (maybe earlier, who knows ^^) and then, I already have a plan for the next game!

For now, I’m almost done with all maps. I think that I have only 3 or 4 more to do, and then i will take care or mini games, or illustrations.

Thanks for following development of my game ^^!

Progress Report

Trailer and main illustration

Updated main page with main illustration for the game, and trailer for it.
Hope you like it! Let me know what do you think ^^!
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