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Updated Cinnamon's dialogues

  • UminoAoi
  • 09/05/2020 07:30 PM
Hi! It’s been a while since I released Dream of Gluttony, and I received a lot of opinions regarding Cinnamon. It became clear to me, that my writing was unclear and that I wasn’t able to convey Cinnamon’s character properly.

I received some help regarding this topic and decided to rewrite that part of the game. I want to make it more clear, and make sure that it won’t offend anyone, since it wasn’t my intention.

You can view the main changes here:


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Oh…so that’s what this update was all about! I was initially caught off guard when I first saw this in my notices and on the latest download section and thought for a moment that “Heeeyyy…I wonder what this is??? Maybe some new additional content or something???” But my hopes were then suddenly dashed and all that when it ended up being just a minor dialogue fix, you tease, you!

I personally never had any problems with the Cinnamon scene beforehand (although it has been a while since I last played this game). But, looking over at the new dialogue and all, I think you made the right choice to clean it up a bit. It still maintains the original shock factor about Sissy finding out about Cinnamon without it seeming insulting. Good job!
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