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A Candy Coated Delight With Something Deeper

I'm not really a fan of games that "start off cutesy, but turn out to be darksy" games. There are plenty of games with this style, namely Dreaming Mary, but few actually give me a excellent experience, also Dreaming Mary. Personally some of these types of games seem like a cop out with the whole subversion thing, like "looksie the cutesy did a badsie" kinda thing. When I found this game I THOUGHT it was gonna be a 100% cutesy experience but with the content warning and this dev's past games I had to doubt that. When I finally played this game, I was a bit (and by a bit I mean very) impressed by the visuals. With the exception of most minigames, this game has absolutely no tileset visuals, every area is a hand pixelized zone with a unique flavor (haha I'm funny). I could only imagine how long it must have taken to make every single map in this game, let alone there are 2 different versions of most maps (more into THAT later). The amount of effort in the visual department blew me away, and even with the slightly less impressive minigame visuals I was entertained by the charm. This game oozes charm . I actually enjoyed the "cute" section quite a bit, and I even got attached to some of the characters. All of the characters are excellently designed and well drawn as well. In the "cute" section of the game, you will play minigames brought forth by the characters. These range between memorization(mostly that) and reflexes. The variety in the minigames was fun and some of them are very well made. I had some fun with these, minus not figuring out that I could move in Tomato's minigame because I'm a dummy. The "cute" section has an equally saccharine story, and as I said I got attached to some characters. I wanted the best for them and at least in this route, they got the best (well minus one). The "cute" section has a WOOSH ending that hits like a brick and the tone shift genuinely threw me off. I just had the "oh my this is happening *nervous laugh". And I was actually unnerved by the outcome. The "cute" section is a good standalone game on its own, but WAIT THERE's MORE.

SO NOW TO THE "SPOOK" SECTION. I'll mark this as SPOILERS cause, it is, if you were enthralled by the first half of the review just play it. If you're not impressed, you just don't care, or you've already played this game. Read on my friend.

The "spooky" section is a grim retelling of the first section. Everything just goes wrong here. The food people don't trust Sissy, and some of their dark sides come out. I kind of felt like some of the things that happen here are a bit extra, like *cough cough* CANDY. The minigames are more rage inducing as well, but I can't say that it doesn't fit the overall theme of the "spooky" section. In the "cute" section you could afford to loose the minigames, whilst in the "spooky" section you can't. I love this even though I almost popped a vein in my head due to playing some of these. Some of the debates were cool as well, and the idea of a "isolated" community of mentally unwell people that refuse to seek treatment is kinda interesting. Some dilemmas just don't feel realistic to me, such as Tomato's whole masochisim thing. Like... unless he didn't keep it at home there's NO way anyone would figure out. And I couldn't quite understand what was wrong with Cinnamon, other than me realizing that they're referred to with male pronouns sometime. But I'm dumb sometimes so I'll probably figure it out sometime. But otherwise it's a very immersive experience, *cough cough* minus CANDY. And I really like Milk as a character, he's the understanding fellow that these people need. I mean, his motives are all but understanding, but he's certainly more understanding than Sissy. But who wouldn't be scared and confused in the situation she was put in. Sissy's backstory is genuinely depressing and I felt bad for her. And the narrative of this game has an underlying theme of "the real world is harsh", and I definitley liked that. The final part of the game where you finally confront Chilli (btw in the cute section she munched on Sissy) was a great conclusion and the music definitely helps with that.

All in all this is a fun game that can be completed pretty quickly. Also I hope that Sissy is in a better place and that the second section and ending of the first section was just a dream. And or both sections were dreams and Sissy gets an excellent job as a chef for her own restaurant...
Well... haha... that's just me.


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Aaaaa thank you for the review! Im really glad you enjoyed my game! <3
Yeah, after all of the shit that Sissy had to go through in both playthroughs (especially the second one), I’m hoping that she also managed to find a way out of that forest, found some happiness, and her restaurant is now an amazing success that even Chef Susur Lee would be proud to eat at...

…Oh, who are we kidding; she’s probably either still stuck in that forest on an endless loop, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over-and-over again, or, if she did manage to find a way out, she’s probably dealing with all of the lawsuits filed against her and her restaurant that she probably ran back to that forest and Food Town again in order to get away from all of that shit, lol.
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