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Progress Report

Small Update

Hey everyone, HorrorBox here,

Back at it again with another 2-3 month long update for you!
I've been working on the game for summer, but not at the pace I wanted to maintain, which was to do something for the game every day (mainly because of life and all of that outside factors). I plan on having some more screenshots to make up for this so you can see how much I've gotten done. Rest assured I'm still hard at work, I want to give my all for this project.
Also I've been debating if I should have another demo, but that's only if I feel like I have more content to show you, rather than build on one section on the game at a time.

I also want to make sure I leave this: Forest Adventure Channel
This is for video progress reports, cutscenes, and maybe memes. I want to advertise it now rather than before when I had the trailer so I can feel more motivated to use it more than just a "trailer placeholder...?" I don't know. I want to use it more to showcase the game.
I know it's kinda annoying I give these month-long update posts, so I just want to make this. It seems I have issues working and then coming back to make update posts. I hope you don't mind them too much. Anyway, thanks for reading!


Forest Adventure short Trailer!


Hey guys, so now that I'm in summer (the irony) I have more time to develop this game. I hope to give more updates as I work on the game, and hopefully get to 60% completion.
I hope you all enjoy this short trailer and whats to come!


Forest Adventure Demo V.2 Has arrived!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that the new version of Forest Adventure is
out! I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for any future updates!

Progress Report

Bigger Demo coming *Hopefully* this weekend

Hey everybody! This project's still kicking!

I have gotten very far since my last update. Although I had a minor set back before the end of the year, I want to show a bigger demo to show how much progress I made. So stay tuned for a bigger demo update! Thanks for reading.


A little demo has arrived

A little demo has appeared for the game for those who are interested!

If there are any bugs or problems with the game, please let me know, and I hope
you enjoy the small demo, and for whats to come!

Progress Report

Progress Report August 31 2018

Hello everyone,

I know I'm pretty slow when it comes to progress, I've been so busy I haven't
been able to touch up on the game for long periods of time, just use small moments to fix any bugs or any events.
That being said I am planning on getting out a demo sometime this weekend, to show my progress. I'll also update the page with new content for everyone to see.
Thank you for reading.

Progress Report

Quick update on progress

So basically the game is up to 20% on gameplay,
I hope to get out a demo of some sort, and I also
hope to get about 80% of it done before the end of summer,
or August. Until then, I am going to keep the game page pretty
quiet unless I want to show an important update. Thank you.


A late hello!

Hello, This is HorrorBox! I would like to personally welcome
you to Forest Adventure! Currently I'm working on a demo, or
a trailer for the game. I can't wait for you all to play it,
see you then!
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