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Small Update

Hey everyone, HorrorBox here,

Back at it again with another 2-3 month long update for you!
I've been working on the game for summer, but not at the pace I wanted to maintain, which was to do something for the game every day (mainly because of life and all of that outside factors). I plan on having some more screenshots to make up for this so you can see how much I've gotten done. Rest assured I'm still hard at work, I want to give my all for this project.
Also I've been debating if I should have another demo, but that's only if I feel like I have more content to show you, rather than build on one section on the game at a time.

I also want to make sure I leave this: Forest Adventure Channel
This is for video progress reports, cutscenes, and maybe memes. I want to advertise it now rather than before when I had the trailer so I can feel more motivated to use it more than just a "trailer placeholder...?" I don't know. I want to use it more to showcase the game.
I know it's kinda annoying I give these month-long update posts, so I just want to make this. It seems I have issues working and then coming back to make update posts. I hope you don't mind them too much. Anyway, thanks for reading!